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guys, it has been brought to my attention that my BRITISH friend, who is currently living in SCOTLAND, @philscurls is a disrespectful HATER bc she doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving- an AMERICAN/CANADIAN holiday. honestly it’s just SO RUDE of her to not celebrate this holiday bc we AMERICANS/CANADIANS do, even though it is NOT a nationally recognized and celebrated holiday in her country. everyone should respect the USA WAY 😤🇺🇸🦅🦃

queertrashmouth  asked:

prompt: stan accidentally lets it slip to eddie that richie has a major crush on him

- ok I imagine Stan and Eddie sitting in the booth of some old fashioned diner

- Stan has a vanilla milkshake and Eddie has strawberry

- that’s irrelevant but anyway

- it was supposed to be a study session for their test tomorrow but like fucking always, Eddie is talking about something Richie said

- now Stan is so patient he could literally watch paint dry

- but he has had it up to here with his friends being stupid and obvious so he just fuckin goes for it

- “you know, maybe you should go do this at Richie’s house?”

- “um Richie’s not even in our bio class, stupid”

- “maybe not but he’s been dying to study your anatomy since 8th grade”

- Eddie goes about 20 different shades of red

- and Stan, the little shit, just casually sips his milkshake like “whoops did I say that out loud”

- when Eddie calms down enough to ask questions, he’s talking about 100 miles per minute

- “Did Richie really say that? Does he talk about me often? I’m gonna have a panic attack. Wait I thought he liked girls. You’re his best friend you’d know oh my GOD I’ll die if he likes me Stan I’ll just DIE”

- and Stan is honestly kinda taken aback bc sure he knew Eddie had a crush but turns out he’s just as head over heels as trashmouth is

- “oh so you love him too?”

- cue a borderline cartoonish spittake of Eddie’s milkshake

- “LOVE??!!?!?!??!?!?!”

- Eddie flies outta that diner so fast

- fuck the bio test

- fuck everything

- he’s getting to Richie’s house if it kills him

- and Stan’s still sitting there, figures he might as well order a burger for a job well done 

- the waitress is almost a little scared bc she’s never seen anybody look so damn smug

(keep the requests coming people, I’m slowly but surely getting to them)