He said he wasn’t your personal body guard, so he taught you how to hold a gun. He told you to always keep it by your side as if it were your second shadow. He told you to always load it up like your love. He introduced you to the smell of gunpowder and the taste of blood. He told you they were the signs of victory and to always aim to kill the enemy. You had those words drilled into your mind. It became the only voice you cared to remember. Shooting became as easy as breathing. And when you heard voices in your head, you tensed up but never got scared. He always told you crying was weak but the voices they were the enemy. When you found yourself losing the war, you positioned the metal right at the side of your head. You saw the regret in his eyes before you saw nothing at all.
—  he didn’t mean to hurt her by jwfeelings
A Possible Unifying Event re: the Hugos

The Hugos and Worldcon are over, and thus did the internet see the Eighth Plague of Post-Hugo Pontification. Some declared victory, while others declared victory for totally different reasons, and lo did they yelleth at one another over whose “victory” was bigger.

But on the fifth day, a lull did fall upon the web of the wide world, as rational and informed people of all nations looked down in agreement and unity. For generations of canine tribal war paled in the face of one simple truth:

This was dumbassery most epic. Most epic indeed…

I invite fans on all sides to finally come together as one to ask, “Dude, seriously?”

Because wow…

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.


8/27/2015 NSV: 

I can actually wrap a NORMAL sized bath towel around me and tuck it in and it will stay in place without me having to hold it closed. 

I don’t normally even USE regular sized bath towels, but just happened to grab one tonight and … wow! it fit! Cool.

(sorry the pictures are a bit poor, my camera seriously dislikes nighttime, even indoors with lights on and using a flash).


First Look at Star Wars Battlefront’s Battle of Jaku DLC

Get a First Glimpse of the Battle of Jakku in Star Wars Battlefront

As debris from battles above shower the desert ground, the feeling of chaos is intensifying. A Star Destroyer has just crash-landed and some of its engines are still smoking. The battle has just begun…

We are proud to give you a first visual glimpse of The Battle of Jakku, coming to Star Wars Battlefront on December 1st, 2015, for all who pre-order, and a week later for all other game holders. The Battle of Jakku was the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet.

Learn how to be among the first players to experience the Battle of Jakku

Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In the artwork above, a Star Destroyer has crash landed, and from the belly of this battle-scared metal giant, a myriad of Imperial ground troops have evacuated and engaged with Rebel troops, also strangers to this desert planet.

This intensity of battle was one of the aspects that DICE Concept Artist Anton Grandert wanted to convey when creating the Jakku artwork. The size difference between the visual elements was another:

“There’s a David and Goliath theme to this,” says Grandert. “The epic, huge super structures of the Star Destroyers contrast against the tiny but brave Rebel soldiers fighting the Imperial forces.”

And true to the core gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, the artwork features many different aspects of Star Wars battle fantasies - on land and in the sky.

“We wanted to portray a battle completely surrounding you, in every direction. Debris is falling from the sky, telling the story of battles above. On the surface of the planet you can see ground troops as well as X-wings, all taking part of the fight,” Grandert says.

Together with Jakku, other iconic Star Wars locations like Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and the previously unexplored planet Sullust will all be part of Star Wars Battlefront.

Countdown to Mockingjay: Day 16/100

Banner was made by the talented shininalltheway!

If you’d like to follow my countdown you can track the tags #mjcountdown and #mjcountdownffauthors. You can also find the list on my blog here:  HAPPY READING!

Author 59: optimus-pam

Story: A Marriage Between Victors

  • Status: In Progress
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: M
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: Graphic depictions of violence
  • Summary: What if the Victory Tour ended with a wedding rather than an engagement? A story that explores what would have happened if Peeta and Katniss had been forced to marry. How does this change affect their relationship? District 12? The rebellion?
  • Why I chose this fic: Pam does a great job writing what could have happened  if only one aspect of the trilogy changed (they get married after the victory tour).


Author 60: thesnowyangel

Story: We Protect Each Other

  • Status: Complete
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: T
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: abuse and other violence
  • Summary:  A Hunger Games Modern AU. Adopted by the Mellarks at the age of 4, Katniss has escaped her abusive parents. She lives a pretty happy life with her brother, Peeta and his sister, Prim. One day, the Everdeens knock on their door and claimed to have become better people. What will Katniss do?
  • Why I chose this fic: This story is an interesting take on what would happen if Katniss’ parents were abusive, not Peeta’s mother.


Author 61: Konzelwoman

Story: A Matter of Time

  • Status: In Progress
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: G
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: N/A
  • Summary: A post was circulating tumblr a while back and gave me this idea. The post said, “If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”
  • Why I chose this fic: I like the concept of the story and i’‘m dying to know how it ends. I also want to know why Katniss’ clock is so screwy.


Author 62: youarebeingridiculous

Story: Mail Order Mellark

  • Status: Complete
  • Type: One-Shot
  • Rating: M
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: Explicit sexual content
  • Summary: Madge gets Katniss something extra special for her 24th birthday.
  • Why I chose this fic: I would LOVE to order Peeta for a night or two. Raych, you should continue this one shot. ;)

the year is 2019. the third and final tmfu movie is making its explosive premier. the world has been saved, the bad guy has been defeated, and the three main characters stand watching the sun rise on a new day. they are tired, and bruised, but victorious. illya turns to gaby, a soft look in his eyes. they exchange a few tender words in russian. he leans down. gaby smiles, and her eyes are drawn to Illya’s lips. the camera angle changes so that the two of them are framed by the halo of the rising sun. they lean into each other, a hairs breadth between their lips, and the screen goes black, replaced with a picture of guy ritchie wearing sunglasses and saying ‘deal with it’. 


È stato un vero piacere aver vissuto 2 anni della mia vita nella Juventus, un piacere immenso condividere tante vittorie, allegria e momenti magici con tutti i miei compagni e con tutti voi tifosi. Grazie alla famiglia bianconera per tutto l'appoggio ricevuto, mi sono sentito molto amato in ogni momento e vi porto tutti nel cuore.

It has been a great pleasure to live the last two years in the Juventus, sharing so many victories, moments and happines with all of my team mates and all of you, Tifosi.
Thanks a lot to my bianconera family for all the support. I have felt like home. I hold you in my heart.



–of my infamy, I’m just going to leak it myself so the media can’t distort me to their will - though it’s not like it matters. I proudly take ownership in constructing the infamous downtown bomb, set to detonate this weekend and destroy all of Hazel Run. With this Agency and Rebellion tension, you degenerates have created a toxic wasteland that needs to be purged of strife, returned to its natural state - a location void of human colonization. Time will heal the gashing wound of the bomb. You either leave by force or get swept into the massive explosion - a simple choice that contributes to nothing but my victory.

Chase me down if you please. I’ll be on the outskirts of Hazel Run tomorrow - just before the flight leaves. Otherwise, XOXO~!

  • Allen's goal:have more fans than BaKanda.
  • 1st poll:1st - Allen Walker, 2nd Kanda Yuu
  • Allen:*victorious laugh*
  • 2nd poll:1st - Kanda Yuu, 2nd - Allen Walker
  • Allen:Stupid Kanda, running around shirtless, stealing my fans. *breaks the Critical Point, stops download and saves everyone*
  • 3rd poll:1st - Allen Walker, 2nd - Kanda Yuu
  • Allen:I might turn into a Noah, but I beat Kanda!
  • 4th poll:1st - Kanda Yuu, 2nd - Allen Walker
  • Allen:Dammit, not even turning to a Noah beats the Mystery of Kanda Arc. This calls for drastic measures. *does the Stripper Omake*
A War On Two Fronts | Part Ten

Summary: All he has to do is kill her. If the Demon Prince can kill Princess Lucy Heartfilia, the war will be over and victory will be theirs. But he can’t do it. And she can’t quite bring herself to kill him either.

Rating: M                 Ff link

Words: 1255

A/N: Glad people seemed to like Happy’s arrival! Please let me know your thoughts on this chapter too! Back to the nalu…

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five/Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine 

Away From Prying Eyes

The sun was setting on the horizon when Natsu landed on the lookout of Vermillions peak. He thought he was running late, but Lucy was nowhere to be seen.

It had been harder this time to get away from Zeref. His brother had wanted them to dine together tonight, but of course Natsu had to refuse. Zeref did not like that, and Natsu could sense that his brother knew he was lying when he claimed to be in need of a hunt.

It was likely Zeref would watch him once he’d finished his meal.

He’d have to leave Lucy before then.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

"I dare you to kiss… the Victorious Duelist."

While the duelist was in the middle of her usual bragging the man wrapped an arm around her waist. As he pulled her in and pressed his lips on to hers. He couldn’t help but smirk, he knew it was a dare but he had wanted to do that for awhile.


A Proposed Way to Support Cartoonists AKA Sponsorship

Let me give you a small inside scoop about me: I’m terrible at making money off of comics + illustration. Having the entrepreneurial spirit to push your work and profit is an incredible skill, one that you have to stretch + build. It’s unfortunately one of my weaker artistic muscles. Over the years I’ve made many attempts at creating product, merchandising, and making art for the purpose of commercial use. Some of these attempts have modestly succeeded, many have failed. 

My most recent book Ashen was a great personal artistic victory for me, but I lost money on a small 60 book print run. Most of my July was spent making that book happen, and that loss doesn’t factor the hours put in where I could have been working. Its “in the red” status  has put me on edge about the wisdom of investing multiple thousands into my BFA. My senior year of college feels frightening knowing that all this technical training hasn’t brought about any tangible financial returns that signal to a longer career in comics (yet). 

This background leads us to the present: I’ve got a handful of free hours in the week this semester. I have trepidation about diving into a longer comic project without any financial support for the time diverted into making it. Since I’m at a point where I can experiment with my methodology with little risk, I thought I’d try to stop skirting around the issue of commerce and approach it head on. So here’s my experiment. It’s success will depend greatly on the audience’s response:

I’ll be drawing a comic that’s paid for panel by panel. 

$5 a panel. 

About this project:

Wait…what are you doing?

It’s incredibly simple. Right now I have slated in my schedule that I’ll draw a single panel comic, no matter what. At the end of the next two weeks (which is the time frame I’ll put this offer on the table), I’ll re-examine my schedule and clear time for however long this project is going to be. For example: if $100 is paid for this service, I’ll be drawing a 20 panel comic. I’ll be roughly allocating 4 panels to a page (my rough average), so that in this example that I’d be drawing a 5 page story. 

Note: Any final figure below a $5 increment will be rounded up to the next panel. 

Why not use Patreon // Kickstarter?

Kickstarter + Patreon are constructs that bring a third party in to the creative // patron relationship.  I’d like to have a go at this once, just me and you. 

Specifically I feel Patreon is an interesting platform, but I fear that an ongoing audience expectation might inevitably go awry. Especially if an artist doesn’t deliver every month on schedule or doesn’t produce a specific kind of media consistently.

That’s why this will be a one-time, special opportunity and won’t be attempted for at least a year following it’s completion. 

Also I have no desire to give Kickstarter // Patreon a cent. 

What will be the content of the comic you’ll be drawing?

I’ve had multiple comic story-lines on the back burner including many short stories featuring my Goblin Treasure Hunter character and a more nebulous project called The Ogress and Her Butler. The project will definitely be dictated on how many panels are sponsored, but sitting on my desktop is a huge folder filled with projects of any length. 

Should I be worried about sponsoring you and you running off with the money // never finishing the comic?

If we’re being honest, if I tried to do something like that in this day and age on the internet my young career would tank. If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s being a consistently hardworking cartoonist. If I was running late on delivering the final product, it would only be due to medical reasons // family emergency. In the event of this, each of the sponsors would be notified.

Okay Chase you’ve got me pretty convinced…but what will I get out of sponsoring your next comic?

A free PDF of the work, a full two weeks before it’s wider release online. You’ll also be credited as a sponsor in the PDF materials. I wish I could offer a more exclusive benefit, but that would go against my belief that the people who enjoy my work should be able to read it. In addition, I’ll also be releasing my hard data on how this process goes in a following blog post, examining this endeavor, hopefully as a blueprint for it’s merits // drawbacks. 

On top of that you’ll ensure that a new thoughtful piece of work is supported and carried out into the world. 

If you’re interested in backing this alternatively sponsored comic, please any increment of money to cvanweerdhuizen(at) through Paypal.

I’ll be cutting off payments specifically for the strip Monday, September 7, 12:00AM MTN. Please feel free to shoot me any asks with questions.