After saying he intended to be ‘ more understated and statesman-like’ Donald Trump quickly threw a temper tantrum and accused Ted Cruz of fraud in ‘stealing’ victory from him in Iowa. He demanded the results be thrown out and a re-run of the election .. (story here)


Skyline GT-R, 1969. The very first GT-R debuted in February 1969 based on the C10 series Skyline which had been developed by Prince before and after being taken over by Nissan in 1966. The GT-R version was powered by a new 2.0 litre DOHC in-line 6 which produced 160hp that was derived from the engine in the R380 Grand Prix car (pictured). The cars were stripped of unnecessary equipment to be as light as possible for racing and performed well on the track. The sedan stacked up 33 victories in less than two years, the GT-R coupe was introduced in October 1970 and went on to win a further 50 races through to 1972

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GOM male s/o being told they aren't good enough for the boys?

Akashi Seijuro:
“I’m a much better match for Akashi-kun…You? You aren’t even good enough to lick his shoes.”

The girl’s harsh  words stung your heart, making you cringe backwards just a little. She saw it, and a triumphant smirk spread across her mouth as she counted her victory. The smile faded, however, when a hand fell upon her shoulder. Your eyes widened as she turned around to face the dual colored hues of Akashi himself. His mouth was set into a solid frown as she tried to stutter out an explanation, but he cut her off as he walked over and took your hand in his own, releasing her shoulder warily as he spoke in a firm voice, “It is not up to you to decide who I do and do not deserve. I decide, and you…You do not even come close. Let’s go, _____.”

Aomine Daiki:
“Aomine-kun could do so much better than you, _____. You really aren’t good enough for him, you know.”

The words out of their mouth made you sighed and shut your locker. Ignore them, you decided, even though they kept repeating the same thing over and over to you every morning before class. As you distanced yourself from the lecture you received, Aomine appeared over towards you. His face looked sullen, dangerously quiet and devoid of complaints. You asked what was wrong, but he just frowned more. Slowly, a hand wrapped around your arm and pulled you to the side. His body blocked your own from the site of the hallway as he planted a kiss on your lips, pulling away and murmuring, “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough for me. Only I can decide that…And You’re definitely good enough, you know?”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise’s fangirls were relentless.

Notes were shoved into your locker, but they always said the same thing. ‘Kise-kun will dump you soon’, ‘You’re just a phase’, and ‘You really think you’re good enough for Kise-kun? You’re just some guy’. The same writing and the same nasty words over and over again. You sighed as you adjusted the papers in your hands. A shadow loomed over your shoulder suddenly, causing you to tense in surprise. You relaxed immediately afterwards, however, as a pair of familiar arms wrapped around your waist. Kise’s voice hummed in your ear, “What’cha reading, ______cchi?” His eyes gazed over the letters you held too tightly to be good, making you flinch as you could feel him visibly tense. Turning you in his grip, Kise tiled his head worriedly, “Do you think that I think you’re not good enough for me? ____cchi, you’re the best! I won’t let other people make you think anything else.”

Kuroko Tetsuya:
“Kuroko needs someone who can be there for him, you don’t do that you know?”

How dare they assume such a thing, Kuroko thought as he watched quietly from the shadows as your face dropped in worry. The look was so hurtful to him that he eventually revealed his presence with a tap of his finger onto the accuser’s shoulder. They jumped, and so did you, surprise by the presence of the young boy as he tilted his head to the side with a serious gaze. He looked as though he would reprimand them, but instead his gaze turned to yours. Catching your hand in his own, Kuroko gently lead you away from the situation. “You don’t have to worry about what other’s say,” Kuroko explained simply, “I love you, and I’ll support you as much as I can.”

Midorima Shintarou:
“Midorima-kun’s standards are so low. Going out with a guy like him? He’s so not good enough for him.”

You winced at the words you heard passing by others in the hallways, but Midorima’s shoulder touched your own in the slightest form of physical affection you would get from him in public for the time being. Cradling his lucky item in one hand, the two of you walked down the halls as he kept his eyes set straight ahead. You looked up to catch him peering back at you a couple of times, but he always averted his gaze. “Don’t bother listening to them, nanodayo.” He stated in a soft whisper, “My standards are nothing short of the best.” The backhanded way he used of calling you, by association, the best made your face turn slightly red as you smiled, the words of others falling short as his begrudging, odd tone of voice filled your ears instead.

Murasakibara Atsushi:
“What does Murasakibara see in him? He’s really just dragging him down.”

The words stung like pieces of broken glass against your flesh and you could not help but look away, biting your lip as you pushed through the crowd towards the gardens of the school. When Murasakibara saw your upset face, and you told him what happened, he seemed to frown harder. “Eh? Why would you care what those people said _____chin.” He drawled while pulling you into his lap, reaching down to your lunch to pick a piece out of one of the side containers and pop it in his mouth. You protested, but he silenced you with a finger on your lips and a soft gaze, “Unless ___chin hears it from me, you don’t have to believe it, you know. You’re shorter than me, but it’s not a drag you know.”