la-locaconfudida  asked:

YOU WROTE JORI FANFICTION?!!? MY LITTLE GAY HEART.. It's already broken with Emison tonight. CAN I HAVE A LINK?!


I wrote so. fucking. much. Jori fanfiction holy fuck :^) 

To this DAY I get messages about a Vampire Jori AU I started writing and never finished. I literally haven’t touched it since 2013 and people message me about it CONSTANTLY 

But yeah Streetlights was my 15 minutes of fic fame :’) 

HERE’S A LINK TO MY FANFICTION ACCOUNT it’s got some. pretty embarrassing stuff on there I’m ngl but whatever LET YOUR GAY HEART REJOICE 

thegayknifeinyourback  asked:

Top 5 television shows!

Good question!

1) Wynonna Earp - did you want a show with a kickass female lead, a bisexual main character, a healthy wlw relationship, strong potential for a very good interracial couple to become canon?! I cannot express my love for this show in words that isn’t shrieking. The characters are all complex and interesting, the plot doesn’t have giant plot holes or carries things on that people don’t like or want *coughs* pretty little liars *coughs* and the cast are all glorious and precious human beings.

2) Victorious. I will go down with this show. There is so much good representation and the songs are catchy as fudge. My Jori feels heighten everytime I hear a victorious song and to be honest I’ve not really watched a show where all of the characters are relatable.

3) Supergirl. Now it has a lot of problems but I do love it so very much. I think that season 1 was incredible and there were parts of season 2 that I really enjoyed. Bringing in Lena Luthor was the best thing they could ever do and I’m so happy we get to see more of Katie’s talent because she is an incredibly talented and giving actress. If we could get Supercorp then it would go up in my favourites and there have been a lot of problems most of which go by the same name so there’s that :P

4) Humans. It’s British (well half British) and normally our shows are pretty crappy but this is incredible. Robot synthetics with feelings in simple form but it’s so much more than that. There are so many good characters. An amazing wlw couple, several poc main characters, all the characters have different personalities and I love most of them. I love that we get to see their feelings being explored and how it’s set in the future. Also no bury your gays trope like legit none. Niska Elster owns my heart and I love her.

5) OITNB. Season 5 ❤ the only season I dislike is season 3 but the other 4 seasons are amazing. So many different characters, so many different backgrounds and morals and struggles. Vauseman because I will go down with this ship and cry over the many feels I have about their beautiful and unique relationship. Piper’s character development, Alex’s character development, Taystee’s character growth, Suzanne’s story, that one really nice female guard from season 3 (the one in charge of the improv scene).

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Today I saw a gifset of jori and I thought fuck, they were my OTP when I was like 12 years old so why not go back to the good times when all I used to do was read fics about them? And I re-read Streetlights and wtf how dare you make me feel stuff as if I actually had a heart, screw you Jack. (But actually that fic it's a fucking masterpiece it was so great omg one of the best jori fics I've ever read and it's been 5 years and I still love it omg thank you for writing it)


I think I might have fucking PEAKED with Jori, god bless them and Victorious. 

But omg thank you that is entirely too kind and I’m glad that my garbage fics still bring you joy :’) <3