This is sweet revenge ladies and gentleman. Ronda Rousey was once again victorious tonight. The woman being knocked out in this video has openly made suicide jokes about Rhondas father who took his own life. All that trash talk didn’t help her one bit tonight as she was knocked in 34 seconds.

On your path to the sun; wind comes, rain comes, clouds and confusion. But cherish every day, cause u can’t get it back and every stumble, every misstep, every victory, every triumph every minute/moment/second makes you who you are….. Shine!!🌟🌟 #lovealicia #blessedsunday #28000days photo by: @therealswizzz

Nate Maloley (Fluff)

Request: Can you do an imagine where Nate and y/n are outside, shopping or just walking, some guy would eye y/n out so Nate would grab her ass and kiss her hard?
Nate’s POV
I swear this dude has been checking out my girlfriend for the longest time basically eyed fucking her while she shopping.a brilliant idea came in my awesome mind was to go over there a kiss her to make him go away. I walked over my girlfriend who was looking at colorful shirts on the clothing racks, I grabbed her waist pulling her closer to mines, smashing my lips roughly against her plump lips, slowly my hands going down to her ass to grasp it making her softly moan in my mouth. I pulled away, seeing the dude leaving the store awkwardly. I smirked in victory when my plan worked, Y/N raised her eyebrows looking at me. “Nate you was being jealous again” she said, fuck how she knew. “That guy was basically eye fucking you and I don’t want nobody looking at my lil mama like that, only me” i said pecking her lips again. She giggled then she continues shopping.

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Ryan! What kagehina fanfics would you recommend?

im crying im responding to this so late but the truth is i haven’t even READ that many hinakage fics…..i kind of stopped reading fanfic once i started writing so i would be able to keep my characterization straight, BUT

gold star, ash sky is the only haikyuu fic i’m currently following and it deserves every one of it’s kudos and MORE. it’s a httyd/edo period au with samurai, dragons, spirit bonds, angst, gay, and my fav kageyama characterization (bc he’s a dick for the first two chapters). LONG CHAPTERS!!! ANNE IS AMAZING!!!!

once more, with feeling is my favorite for fluffy hinakages….i have read it 4-5 times and i just keep going back to it…..first kisses (but like. really REALLY well-written first kisses)

love & victory should be read by every hinakage fan ever, because it is THE college au and anne might possibly maybe hopefully be writing a sequel. it’s like…it made me fall in love with hinata and kageyama all over again, okay. let’s just leave it at that.

and of course, since it’s me you’re asking….two good smut fic recs:

when you’re away this is…..a skype fic. if you don’t know what a skype fic is, let me allow you this great awakening. okay, but really, kageyama’s pov and characterization are so on point, and the mutual masturbation is SSOOOOOOOOOOO DHNDNSJSKKK (also, the ORIGINAL skype sex fic is HERE i promise you don’t even have to be in the fandom to appreciate, it’s THAT good)

come on closer burned my crops and ate my children. it was….really, really hot. don’t read this if you’re in a room with other people. it’s hands down some of the best sex i’ve read in a long while. i had to get up and take a lap twice in order to keep myself together. actually, i’m going to reread it rn.

(ofc there are other more well-known hinakage fics i’ve read but since those ones are rly rly popular, i tried to include some fantastic ones that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve)

  • Over the sweat and tears (live vocal)

Someone in the tags asked for it, so here you go. 

The spotlight of the blue sky

眩しい このレースが始まる
mabushii kono REISU ga hajimaru
Shines down brightly as this race begins

PURAIDO kaketa tatakai ni
It’s a battle with our prides on the line

Make that courageous starting dash

shouri to wa isshun no hikari
Victory is but a fleeting moment of light

待ってるだけじゃ つかめないのさ
matteru dake ja tsukamenai no sa
You won’t obtain it just by waiting

kono sakamichi wo koeta nara
Once you climb up over this hill

見えてくる 広がるよ 無限の夢
mietekuru hirogaru yo mugen no yume
You’ll see an infinite dream spread before you

namida to ase de mukou ga
Over the sweat and tears

tatoe donna ni mienakutemo
No matter how hard it gets to see what’s ahead

追い風で 吹き飛ばしてさぁ、セイルオン!
oikaze de fukitobashite saa SEIRU ON!
We’ll blow it away with a tailwind and sail on!

涙と汗の向こうに きっと強く輝いてる
namida to ase no mukou ni kitto tsuyoku kagayaiteru
Over the sweat and tears, there will surely shine with strong light

僕達の明日を照らす 未来を照らす
bokutachi no ashita wo terasu mirai wo terasu
A sun that brightens up our tomorrow, our future  

太陽を 目指して 走ろう!
taiyou wo mezashite hashirou!
Now let’s head towards it and ride!


I found my old iPod and charged it up this past weekend, and one of the first songs I listened to on it was Goner- the first version. It gave me goosebumps because of the background noise, which sounds like a hanging rope that is swaying. I almost didn’t want to listen to it because of that, but I did, because I knew the newer version has added lyrics and I wanted to hear the differences.

The older version is very short and simple- almost like a suicide note. It makes sense because of the lyrics “I’m a goner” and the hanging rope.

The new version, the end of blurryface, although it is the same song, is completely different. This version is a different kind of death- the death of blurryface. The first Goner could almost be like blurryface won, but the one that made it onto the album is definitely not a victory for blurryface.

I believe blurryface ultimately was defeated, and the ‘don’t let me be gone’ is him. He wants to be known, but by the end of the song, the fight between Tyler and blurryface is over, and Tyler won. I love the differences between the two, and even though they were made 3 years apart I love that Tyler found the strength to finally defeat his inner demons.

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on the topic of thomas' time in the war, i think it's interesting to note that at the unveiling of the war memorial, he's wearing three medals - the 1914-15 star, the victory medal, and the british war medal. now, these were awarded to soldiers of the 17th battalion manchester regiment who served in france (interestingly, this battalion also had a barracks in belton park, grantham). so this means thomas saw some of the worst fighting in wwi - the somme. and he lasted 3 years.

Title: Do you love me? 

Prompt: ‘Do you love me?’ 

Character: Liam Dunbar

Warnings: None

Author: Mod Amelia

It was coming closer to midnight and you and your best friend were still playing video games. Liam would probably have to go home soon so you always made sure to woop his butt before he left. It annoyed him, of course, but it made you feel victorious. You was at the last level of your game when Liam switched off the device.
“Hey! I was about to beat you!” You protested, throwing your controller down in anger. You folded your arms across your chest and sat down on your best, letting out an angry sigh “Is there a specific reason you did that, Dunbar?” You asked, sounding like a cranky old teacher.
Liam laughed at your reaction “Yeah, I need to talk to you.” He said, sitting on the bed beside you. Liam looked tired but so did you probably, you always did after video game night “You’re always cranky all hours after eleven.” He laughed slightly. You couldn’t help but realize that was true. During the day you was perky and lovely but when the clock hit eleven Mrs Perky Pants was gone.
“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to.” You told him, looking down at your bare feet. Normally you hated your feet, but you felt comfortable around Liam. You grabbed your Harry Potter pillow from your bed and hugged it to your chest “What did you need to talk to me about anyway? Is everything okay?” You asked, becoming mildly concerned. Only mildly.
“Everything’s fine, I just needed to talk to you about something in particular.” Liam grabbed your hand and you stared down at disbelief for a second. He’d never done that before, not even when you was scared at that horror film. He just laughed and gave you a blanket to hide behind “I’ve been keeping this in for a while now…” He began. A laugh escaped your mouth.
“Liam, if you need to pass gas just do it. You’ve heard me burp before, I sound like a walrus or something.” You both laughed for a moment but then silence filled the air “But if you need to release a number two please don’t use my bathroom.” Liam chuckled again.
“Shut up, I’m trying to be serious here, (Y/N).” He told you, a smile still on his angelic face. You nodded and allowed him to talk “You know how we’ve been best friends for ages, right?” He asked. Again, you nodded “Well… What if… I mean.” You’d never seen him stutter so much in all his life.
“What if what? Liam? Are you sure everything’s okay? No one’s trying to hurt you or anything, are they?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows and becoming more concerned. Liam took your over hand too and held them like it was the last time he’d ever see you.
“I don’t know how to say this. Knowing me I’m going to put it the wrong way.” Liam took one of his hands away and cupped your cheek. At first your flinched but relaxed soon after. His hands were so warm, it felt nice against your cheek. You wanted to stay like this forever.
“Liam, you’re scaring me.” You told him, your voice shaking a bit. You edged closer to him, trying to comfort him all you could. He looked everywhere but at you. Finally he looked you dead in the eyes and told you everything he was thinking.
“You’re beautiful, (Y/N).” It was like the words flowed nautrally from his mouth. A huge, goofy smile was on his face “I love the way you try to beat me at video games. I love the way you snort when you laugh even if you don’t. I love your concentration face during maths, it’s the cutest thing. I love how you always treat people with respect even if they don’t return the favor. I love how even when you’re upset you do your best to cheer others up. I love how you smile when you’re reading a book. I love it when you help me during a full moon. I love you for so many reasons.” You stared at him blankly for a minute.
“Do-do you love me, Liam?” You asked, your voice shaking. Though you sounded confused and scared the you couldn’t explain the happiness you felt inside “I mean if you do, I love you too.” You told him. His smile grew bigger and so did yours.
“I do love you. I love you with all my heart. I know you get scared of my sometimes but I promise you I will protect you till my last breath.” You jumped on him, you was mean’t to hug him but your joy took over. You both laughed and when you looked at each other, you shared a well over due kiss.