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Homophobic gospel singer Kim Burrell is set to appear on ‘Ellen’ — and people are furious

  • Gospel singer Kim Burrell is being called out after video of a homophobic sermon she led began circulating on the internet late December.
  • Burrell is set to perform “I See Victory,” a song from the Hidden Figures soundtrack, on Ellen with Pharrell Williams.
  • In footage of the sermon posted on YouTube, Burrell refers to homosexuality as the “spirit of delusion and confusion.”
  • It is unclear exactly when the sermon took place. 
  • Burrell attempted to clarify her comments, saying she never mentioned LGBTQ people specifically.
  • “I love you and God loves you,” Burrell said in a Facebook live video, Billboard reported. “But, God hates the sin.” Read more

Random things that made me happy about Moana:

-The story wasn’t about her relationships, romantic or otherwise. But it also didn’t belittle those relationships and the people she cares for were a motivation along with her need to discover herself

-stubborn angry muscle girl who does not know how to do a thing but fuck you she will do the thing

-the fucking chicken

-this is a weird one but when Moana sings her mouth opens super big when she belts out the words and just it made me so happy??? She wasnt made to sing pretty and delicate she will fucking BELT out her victory song

-Dwayne The Rock Johnson can sing. Bless this man.

-you can see all the research that went into the movie and the credits are full of Pacific Islander names and it pays off so well god bless

-Hero allowed to have moment where they nearly give up. Isn’t shamed for it. Is told “if that’s what you need then you are supported.”

-hero decides on her own to continue journey

-showing Moana actually learning how to be a leader before she even goes. She already is going to be a great chief before she goes….she doesnt have to prove anything. It’s just….so good

-listen I know chickens. That is a very….accurate chicken

- H A I R

-the music makes me cry it’s so good and Lin worked so hard to respect the cultures he worked with and brought in Samoan and Fiji'an singers and it’s so good

-the animation just shit son

-after the plastic ice and tinyface dolls of Frozen, disney animation is redeemed in my eyes

-every scene was beautiful and I spent over half the movie with fucking chills because. It was just so breathtaking

“Just Hold On” is now Certified GOLD on the ARIA charts!

Congratulations Louis and Steve!

I know we’re not too pleased with Louis’ team and their lack of promo for the single, so let’s just celebrate the little victories of the song and all it’s achievements despite the lack of support from Louis’ team. (p.s. A massive thank you to Steve Aoki and his team though!)

highlights of the auckland p!atd concert

-during the guitar solo of bohemian rhapsody all lights were on kenny and everyone was cheering him on
-before playing i write sins “THIS IS A BRAND NEW SONG”
-gay pride flag on the mic stand during girls/girls/boys
-dallon’s finger wag in “love is not a choice” i could picture the fucking smirk on his face
-dallon’s hair flips
-”you’re all beautiful”
-”this song…this one’s about my buddy, spencer.” cue everyone screaming
-everyone clapping and swaying their arms at the end of nine in the afternoon
-”That sign says fight me, brendon. Not only is that an invitation, i believe in equal rights to everybody.”
-backflip during miss jackson
-brendon’s fucking high notes????????????
-someone onstage (it could’ve been kenny????) dabbed
-victorious (the last song) had confetti blasting fucking everywhere that people kept
-brendon/etc doing a bow at the end
-”this means the world to us. i want to thank you from the bottom, top, left, right, and everywhere of our hearts. thank you.”

The Most Beautiful Girls
Shay Cormac/Liam O'Brien
The Most Beautiful Girls

Shay: Where in the world has the most beautiful girls?

Liam: I suppose it depends on your vision of beauty. A damsel from Corfu and one from Oslo are as different as chalk and cheese but, both can be lovely.

Shay: You see, opinions like that give a man a reputation for wisdom.

Liam: Yeah, thank you.

Shay: I would have just said Havana. The girls there have lusty buttocks and bosoms and feel no shame in putting them on display! But that’s no slight against our lasses from home.

Liam: I suppose…

Shay: I think Galway has the nicest ones, fair and modest, always willing to spot you a penny for an ale.

Liam: You don’t say.

Shay: And then there’s the maids I met in Lisbon. Destined for the convent they were, dark-eyed and kindly-dispositioned. If only I spoke Portuguese… Not that we spent much of our nights talking.

Liam: Opinions like that give a man an entirely different reputation.

Ode to Valhalla - 13th Warrior

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother.
And my sister and my brother
Lo, there do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever.

Billboard Charts - Year End 2016

Top Artists: #73 Panic! At the Disco 

Top Billboard 200 Albums: #23 Death of a Bachelor

Top Billboard 200 Albums: #171 Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

Top Billboard 200 Artists: #23 Panic! At the Disco

Digital Albums: #13 Death of a Bachelor 

Top Rock Artists: #4 Panic! At the Disco

Hot Rock Songs: #23 Victorious, #25 Emperor’s New Clothes, #29 Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time, #31 Death of a Bachelor, #45 Bohemian Rhapsody, #57 LA Devotee

Hot Rock Songs Artists: #6 Panic! At the Disco

Rock Digital Songs: #23 Victorious, #49 I Write Sins Not Tragedies (!!!)

Rock Digital Songs Artists: #9 Panic! At the Disco

Rock Streaming Songs: #24 Emperor’s New Clothes

Rock Streaming Songs Artists: #9 Panic! At the Disco

Top Rock Albums: #3 Death of a Bachelor 

Top Rock Albums Artists:  #3 Panic! At the Disco

Alternative Songs: #46 Victorious