victorious drawings

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses

✨Art Tips ✨

ok so i know a couple people who ask me how i got good(?) at drawing, or if i had any tips i could share….. so i thought id make a post about it for anybody who was wondering~


This is probably the tip people have heard the most about drawing. As cliche as it is it actually helps out a lot. I’d suggest trying to do at least one drawing per day (that’s what I do) It doesn’t matter if the drawing is super tiny or gigantic. Everything helps. You’ll get used to drawing certain shapes. It’ll become muscle memory.

Tip 2: Draw Shapes

Whenever im drawing i really enforce the shapes in the drawing before getting detailed. It’s an optional step that some artists can skip, but i always have to super sketch my way to victory. Drawing circles and ovals really really helps when drawing. For example……

Planning out your shapes instead of jumping right in and getting detailed helps out. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing digitally or sketching on paper. If on paper don’t draw darkly. Use very very light strokes with your pencil. If drawing digitally just do this on a separate layer and make it transparent.

Tip 3: Take Breaks While Drawing

Sometimes walking away and coming back to a drawing really helps. Having your eyes glued to your screen or paper is tiring. Taking 5 minutes even helps you clear your head for a bit.

Tip 4: Ugly Phase

Please don’t give up on your art, even when you’re still making it. Every drawing goes through the ugly phase. Even really good art has that time of just looking pretty meh. Also always remember that people can’t see what the piece was supposed to loo like, so accept it as they do.

Tip 5: Constructive Criticism

If you’re unsure about your art have some of your friends or other artists give you constructive criticism. Sometimes you just need an outside eye to point out some things you could improve. (NOTE: do not get upset about criticism if you asked for it! that’s just rude since you asked for their help in the first place)

Tip 6: Draw In Different Places (Music too)

A change of scenery can help your mood while drawing. Like sometimes I draw in my room, or at school, or in my backyard. Along with helping your mood while drawing try listening to music that applies to the topic. Or use music to help inspire you.

Well! I think that’s all I really can think of….so