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Plaus/Den Kit

An exercise in plausible deniability: We are composing a set of items that help us GTFO of urban environments should the need arise. Think HVT hostage situations or comparable in non-permissive environments. Carry everything you need in such a situation to at least get out of restraints, closed confinements, and be able to run. You will be searched; more or less cursory. Everything that can’t be explained away is out. No carbon fiber and no Zirconium dioxide. No dedicated tools. Handcuff keys? Nope.

Pictured is a sample collection of stuff that just happens to be useful, if you know how to use/combine/create further tools from the ingredients:

  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pin, large/small
  • Paper clip, large/small
  • Paper fastener
  • Plastic wrapper band
  • Electric fuse
  • P-38

Here is some tradecraft: In a suit, you won’t be able to explain away most of even these items. But in a casual jacket, you just worked on your car, house, whatever; all of that, kept loose in a pocket, doesn’t arouse suspicion. The trick is to carry it wrapped in the cloth, it’s small and light, but as a bundle, it becomes suspicious. So, whenever a potentially tricky situation is to be expected—just open the safety pin and sprinkle the contents inside the pocket. It becomes just a bunch of unrelated stuff.

Also non-suspicious:

  • Dental floss
  • An old credit card
  • A piece of leader wire
  • A couple small zip ties
  • Nails
  • CD/DVDs are nice to have, if they make any sense in a pocket dump.

That’s about it. Bring any dedicated GTFO tool or implement and you will be treated quite differently, you’ll lose any element of surprise and won’t even have left the makeshift tools above.

Rule: The more you bring, the less you’ll have left.


  • Light sticks
  • Metal saw
  • Handcuff keys
  • Lockpicks
  • Diamond wire

Observe – Evaluate – Control
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Getting used to this blacked out EDC gear.

Glock 30 Gen 4
Kytex Shooting Gear Mag Carrier with spare 10 round mag
RCFibers Carbon Fiber Money Clip
ADV Tactical Mini Butcher
Victorinox Alox
Elzetta Alpha Flashlight
Apple IPhone in NewTrent Case
Misc. Pen & Pencil Set

From @everydayknifeguy - Saturday stuff 😎

YouTube: EveryDay Knife Guy
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submitted by Richard Wezensky

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submitted by Athanasios Protopsaltis

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A great set of Neutral Colored Gear that will guarantee you have Great Events in Life

From @everydayknifeguy - Twinning 🔪🔦🔦🔪 YouTube: EveryDay Knife Guy
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I’ve been working on various themed carries. Here’s the first of a few I’m going to put out. This is the red carry. I based most of the items I chose off of the two pieces from Karas Kustoms. Obviously they use the same anodizing process on all of the aluminum they machine (though it can vary slightly from batch to batch), so I assumed the pen and top would be the most similar in color…everything else would need to match them. I already had the Alox, and luckily, it was very close in color. The Olight has a slightly pinkish color about it, but under the right light, the pinks washed away, leaving a nice, deep red. Lastly, was the watch. I knew I was going to get one of these new Weekenders, but I also knew I’d have to find a wristband to match. I located this one in an Etsy store and it arrived as nearly the perfect shade of matching red nylon! EDIT: Here’s the link to the Etsy listing for the wristband - Enjoy the red!

submitted by Andrew Hoerner

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I love orange. It is the color of fire. Of fall. Of energy. Of safety. I rotate these in and out of the EDC but typically have several orange items in use at any given time. Hank, knife, pen, notebook usually go in the pockets, rest goes in a TAD OP1 organizer in a Nixon backpack.

submitted by Crocx

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These items will get me through the office day from January 2016. The leather Notebook Cover is from etsy. Not yet quite sure about it - some patina and smelling less like the animal it came from may help!

submitted by Johnny Brown

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