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My new watch. Previously I had the same model but with a white face instead of blue like this one.

The old one came off of eBay. My winning bid was $51 eight years ago. That watch was well used. It had small scratches on the bezel and a noticeable nick on the crystal. Someone’s initials were engraved on the back.

Yet I loved it. The band has a very smooth feel to it. Long sleeves easily slide over it unlike my Timex running watch. I prefer having numerals at most of the hour marks. Watch faces with only a dash mark at each hour, I’m not fond of that. And fashion watches with no marks except a dot at the 12 position? Crazy!

Eventually my white-faced watch died. I figured a repair might cost as much as I paid for it so I decided to shop for a newer one instead.

I bid on this blue-faced version last week on eBay and won. It didn’t cost much more than my old one and I saved a lot off the full retail price. The watch arrived yesterday and was in even better shape than the description had indicated. It needed extra links in the band. I just took some from the old watch band and now this one is perfect.