victorias secret yoga pants

The “shoplifting culture” on here is so disgusting and toxic. Please don’t think by not paying for $70 yoga pants at Victoria Secret or $200+ of Sephora make up you are somehow “fighting capitalism” or “hurting big business”. Being unemployed by choice and stealing luxury items as a means of income is fueled by greed and can only be justified by skewed logic. Your greed hurts the minimum wage workers because managers adjust for their losses by cutting hours and upping prices (which hurts paying customers). Grow up and get some work ethic.

  • person: white girls are like "i want a double white chocolate uggs iphone 5 with victoria's secret and yoga pants please"
  • tumblr: fjdjaklsdkfgj THIS IS SO FUnny
  • person: black girls are like "i want a watermelon kfc flavored grape drink with a weave and twerking please"
  • tumblr: This is so not okay. Racism is NOT a joke. Do you even realize the world we live in? Civil rights are something people of EVERY race deserve. Stop being so fucking ignorant.