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Imagine Yuri on Ice but with more filler episodes like Katsuki’s birthday or Victor’s birthday or otayuri having a friend date or Chris and mystery guy or just Yuri plisetsky playing with his cat for an entire episode

Romee Strijd walks the runway at the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show on February 8, 2017 in Venice, California

Need Your Help

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Modern AU

Warning: smut

Summary: Reader and Laf are close friends and one day she asks for his advice on some lingerie. One thing leads to another and smutty times begin.

Word Count: 1790

You were out of your depth. You weren’t like Maria, you weren’t daring like her. And, well standing outside Lafayette’s door holding a bag of lingerie from Victoria Secret had your nerves on edge and the longer you stood there, the more you doubted yourself. Lafayette is your best friend, doing this could destroy all of that, yes you wanted to take things past friendship, you wanted more, you just weren’t sure if this was the way to do it, but Maria told you it would be a great idea. She took you to Victoria Secret and picked out what you would be showing off for Laf.

So there you stood, debating whether you would actually do this. All you had to do was knock. Not so hard right? What comes after though, that is the tricky part. You don’t know shit about seducing someone. You’re awkward and shy and trip over your own feet.

You start to question what you’re even doing here when the door swings open and there he is in all his crazy haired glory.

“Hey Y/N,” Lafayette greets as he looks down at you with a smile, “were you gonna knock anytime soon or..?” He chuckles

“Oh! Yeah obviously, I was uh just about to,” you say while you cringe internally.

“Well are you gonna come in?”

“Yes! I mean uh, only if you’re not busy. Maybe I should come back another time,” you say hurriedly.

“No, no I’m not, come on in.”
And so you do. You squeeze by him, clutching the Victoria Secret bag close.

“Uhh, what’s that you got there,” he questions and his cheeks heat up. So do yours.

“Oh this. Well that’s actually the reason I’m here. See I uh, have this date and I just need your opinion on this and I thought that a guys opinion would be best, but I mean uh, you don’t have to I just thought that maybe well uhh,” you rambled out.

“Y/N breathe. Yes I’ll help you. What are friends for right?”

“Right.” You swallow.

“So are you gonna show me or what?”

“Well I thought I would put it on and um well show you.” You stutter out.

“Y-yeah, yeah okay. Uh you know where the bathroom is, I’ll just wait here,” Lafayette swallows roughly.

You don’t say anything in response, you’re just too flustered. You make your way into the bathroom and quickly change into the lingerie, not wanting to give yourself a chance to back out. You look up into the mirror and your mouth pops open when you see your reflection. You look really good. Like one of the models you see in Cosmo magazines. It’s a black lace. Teddy one piece. The cut is low between your breasts and it shows off a good part of your ass. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you know Maria wasn’t lying when she said you looked drop dead sexy. You felt it. So taking a big breath, you slowly opened the door and made you way back to the living room. You could see Lafayette sitting there, head in his hands. You stood there for a few seconds and he still hasn’t noticed you so you lightly cleared your throat, prompting him to look up.

“W-wow,” he stuttered out, “you look, wow.”

You chuckled nervously, taking what he said as a good sign.

“You like it then?” You stepped closer to him as he stood from the couch.

“Yeah, yeah it looks great, you look great.” He moves closer to you. It was like gravity. Like he was being pulled to you and you to him. You were close enough that you couch reach out and touch him. You felt so small standing next to him, almost helpless. The thought made you ache between your thighs.

“There’s one more thing that I need help with,” you breathe out.


“Well see the problem is, well you know how I am, and I’m not really sure how to go about doing this,” you strutted out, cheeks heating up.

“This?” He looks confused and a little of something else.

“Seducing someone,” you peaked up at him innocently through your eyelashes.


With his lack of response you suddenly felt so stupid. How could you even think this would work. Lafayette was so far out of your league, you didn’t have a chance.
You were about to step back when his hands came to rest on your hips, keeping you where you were.

“It’s okay Y/N, you just caught me off guard. Yeah I’ll help you. So it’s simple really and it’s not like you’d have to try hard if you’re wearing that, cause wow. But if you want to take things further it’s best to go slow. You want to work your way up to it, have them begging for it, for you. It’s all in the touch. Where you touch them. How you touch them.” His hands squeezed your hips before one started to move up your body, running over your ribs and brushing against your breast, stopping on the back of your neck.

You shivered.

Lafayette leaned in closer, his lips brushing your ear as he spoke,

“Make them need it.” His voice was low and rough in your ear. The hand that was on your hip slowly made its way down to your ass grouping you roughly, causing a moan to leave your mouth. You could feel him chuckle against you, his hard chest grazing yours, rubbing against your stiff nipples, forcing a whimper from your lips. He was barely doing anything and you already needed it so bad.

It all happened very fast, one moment you’re standing there, and the next both his hands are on your ass and your back is pressed into the wall. Your legs are rapped around his waist and you could feel his hard member pressing against your core. Lafayette was breathing heavily and looking into your eyes, asking a silent question. All you could do was nod.

And then his lips were on yours. All teeth and tongue and it felt so good. His tongue was in your mouth slidding against yours, swallowing your moans as he squeezed your ass, causing you to grind your hips into him.

He was walking now and soon your back met his soft mattress. You looked up at the man above you. Pulling his shirt from his body and throwing it somewhere in the room while you made quick work of his belt. Your hands were shaking with nerves though and you struggled with the buckle. His hands covered yours and helped you undo it with a soft smile.

“Slow down Y/N, we have all day.” He then gently pressed you down into the bed and slowly kissed you. He bit your lip, making you gasp, and quickly ran his tongue over the wounded flesh, soothing it. You moaned beneath him. His hands made their way up your body finding the straps of the Teddy you wore and slowly pulling them down your shoulders.
Once they were off and your breasts were released, his mouth quickly found a nipple and started to nip and suck at it. His hand started to play with the other. Tweaking it between his fingers making you whither with pleasure.

“Ooh Laf. That feels good. Don’t stop. Please,” you moaned out.

He released your nipple from his mouth, ignoring your cries of protest. He kissed and licked his way down your chest, pushing your lingerie off as he went. His tongue dipped into your navel as he went lower. His hands dragged your lingerie down your legs and to the floor. Hips lips trailed over your hips and his breath soon fanned the space between your thighs. Lafayette pushed your legs apart so he had better access and kissed his way to your clit. Hips bucking at the contact of his tongue ghosting over the bundle of nerves. You moaned louder, wanting more, but he just kept teasing. He lightly licked at you while his fingers stroked your inner thighs.

It was too much and not enough all at the same time.

“Fuck Laf! Stop teasing,” you begged.

He didn’t respond, but he did speed up his ministrations. His tongue dipped between your wet folds and into your slit, licking up your juices. His hand quickly found your breast again and began rolling your nipple between his fingers.

“Oh. Oooh Laf. Yes! Fuck, please don’t stop,” you groaned. You were close. He was pushing you closer and closer to the edge, but all too soon he removed his tongue from you.


“Shh, it’s okay baby. I got you,” he whispered in your ear.

You saw him lean over to the night stand and grab a condom from a drawer. He sat up quick and you helped him remove what was left of his clothes before he quickly slid on the condom and hovered back over top of you. You spread your legs wider, needing him inside you.

He chuckled deeply, “eager huh?” But didn’t wait for a response, just held his cock in his hand and rubbed the head of it against your folds. You cried out bucking your hips up into him. He rubbed his cock against your clit once more before slowly pushing into you making you both groan.

“Oh Y/N. Christ you’re tight,” he moaned into your ear. Your hands were in his hair, holding him to you.

“Harder!” You plead.

His pace picked up, his cock pushing roughly into you. Your hips rose to meet his thrusts, your clit rubbing against him. You hooked your legs around his waist and your nails scrapped down hip back making him groan loudly before he slammed his lips on yours in a sloppy kiss.

The room was filled with grunts and moans as your bodies moved in sync with each other, both of your climaxes approaching fast.

“I’m close,” Lafayette broke the kiss to tell you, his thrusts becoming faster and out of rhythm.

“Oh! Oh Laf yes! Don’t-oh! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes!” You shouted, your orgasm washing over you in waves as you clenched around his cock, pulling his orgasm from him as well.

He laid there on top of you for a few seconds before pulling out and laying beside you. You both were drenched in sweat and reeked of sex. You looked over at Laf and saw that he was already looking at you. You both looked away, blushing.

“So uh,” you weren’t sure what to say.

“Yeah,” was all he said in response. You looked back at him again and this time you didn’t look away. Neither did he.


Cara Delevingne having a major crush on you, but you don’t realize it. 

“Do you think Y/N realizes how much they’re annoying me?” Cara asked Rita, sighing. You were in the water at the beach, laughing and talking with someone who was unimportant to Cara.

“No, probably not Cara. You should stop staring. People are going to start to notice.“ Cara looked away, clenching her hands. “You’ve liked Y/N for almost a month now, so why don’t you just go tell them how you feel?” Rita pressed. Cara looked at Rita as if she grew four heads.

“I can’t just do that. It could ruin everything.”

“It could also change things for the better. You’re almost obsessed with them.” Cara blushed, shrugging. 

“I’d rather have our friendship than nothing.”


Mall Rats - Part 4

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x reader x Steve

Words: 672

Warnings: None

Requested by: Two wonderful Anons!  I hope you like this :) 

A/N So glad everyone is liking this series.  If you have a store you want the boys to visit let me know!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

After walking out of Hot Topic, you spotted the familiar pink awning of Victoria Secret.  This was one of the reasons you need to be at the mall.  Your best friend’s birthday was coming up and you had to get her a gift card and some perfume.   You begin walking toward the store, until you realized that you have two very old fashioned men with you.  You turn around to face the two super soldiers who were bickering over something.

“Boys I need a very big favor. I need you both to be on your best behavior in this next store.”  You say looking from Steve to Bucky making sure they are taking you serious.

“Y/N! Calm down we have been updated on modern times.   Chances are we have been in this store before, no need to worry doll.”  Steve says confidently.  Bucky nods his head in agreement.

“Angel we are 21st century men now, there isn’t anything we can’t handle.”  Bucky he adds with a condescending smile.

You smirk at both boys knowing full well that they had no idea what they were about to be in for.  You walked ahead of the boys and into the store.You beeline  into the perfume side and began smelling the different scents and looking at the different bottles.   You pause a moment to look around to see the boys still standing at the entrance.   Smirking you went back to shopping.  21st century men alright.

Steve and Bucky were frozen at the entrance.  Both boys in shock.  Women’s unmentionables out there for everyone to see.   Bucky was the first to get his bearings, he walked cautiously into the store, taking everything in with wide eyes.   Steve followed a minute later walking to where bucky was, taking care not to touch anything.

“Y/n” Bucky said with wide admiring eyes, “What is this place.”

“It’s Victoria’s Secret” you say with a giggle. You just knew this was going to happen.

Steve looked at you with a pink face “Do you have everything you need?  We should get going.”

“Steve I just walked in.  If you aren’t comfortable you can wait outside.”  You say trying to hide your smile.

“N-no I just wanted to keep us on schedule.” Steve said looking around at his surroundings as if he would be attacked by the colorful bras and panties at any moment.

By this point you had lost track of Bucky. Looking around you noticed him by the Pink display.  You ahead over to him to be sure he doesn’t get kicked out for holding and staring at a pair of panties like a weirdo.

You stand beside him and grab the pair he is holding in his hands while looking at the sign. “Ooo this is a good deal”

You start picking some panties out for yourself not minding that there were two very handsome men standing next to you, one with a bright red face and the other with a cheeky grin.

Bucky getting a surge of confidence from his past flirtatious nature asks holding up a thong, “is this the kind you usually wear?”

You turn to Bucky with a smirk, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Steve gathering his courage looked at the thong and the price tag.  He finally looked you in the eyes in shock.   “$13.50 for something that doesn’t even cover you up?!”

“They aren’t meant to cover stuff up Steven.”  You grin throwing him a wink.

Satisfied with your haul and your gift for your friend you head over to the register to get checked out.  Bucky and Steve were standing behind you oblivious to the appreciative stares of the staff and other customers.  You were about to sign for your credit card when Bucky spoke up and asked the sales associate, “ Who’s Victoria? And what’s her secret?”

The sales associate and you began to laugh. Before either of you could give a reply Steve spoke up and said, “She clearly doesn’t have any if she wears those thongs.”


How is no one talking about this… .
BTS Fire x Victoria Secret Show
Credit to owner

Aired Feb 8 2017