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Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

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The "sore face" thing isn't true. There are photos of Victorians smiling, laughing, etc. It was just tradition not to smile. They wanted to "present a look" to their future generations, of dignity.

Very true, but imo what I wrote was also true, for the most part anyway. There’s a good article that talks about both of our opinions here , and I think that Victorian photographs that are really silly and not so serious are one of my FAVOURITE things ever! i.e:

Portrait of an actress named Jennie Goldthwaite, c. 1880′s/1890′s.

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • *the underground morgue*
  • Holmes: *impatient* You'll consider it?
  • Hooper: *sighs* I am working, Mr. Holmes.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* It's a perfectly simple question.
  • Hooper: *slams the scalpel down* Do you know what you're asking of me?
  • Holmes: *through gritted teeth* I am asking be my *glances at Anderson; lowers his voice* partner in life.
  • -Anderson drops loud things-
  • Hooper: *fierce* Get out.
  • Anderson: *hurries out of the morgue*
  • Hooper: *shakes her head* I have too much to lose. I am sorry.
  • Holmes: I have no desire to interfere with your ambitions *smiles* We're already a formidable team.
  • Hooper: *swallows; avoiding looking at him* You haven't even seen me.
  • Holmes: *casually* I always see you, Molly *smiles softly*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip* I shall...consider it.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
  • Hooper: It's not a yes.
  • Holmes: *still smirking*
  • Hooper: *blushing* Shut up, Holmes.

warm up doodles with right hand slabs of colour with left hand

idk how I’m going to do this comic but it might end up being like this sort of (if I can colour it entirely without my dominant drawing hand that’ll save me a lot of pain :|)

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Could you make a chat where John surprised Sherlock snogging fiercely Hooper, the guy from the morgue? 'John it's not what you think' lol thanx!

this moustache stuff will end with us all in hell

*the underground morgue*
Hooper: *examining a body*
Holmes: *enters; smirks slightly* Hooper.
Hooper: *sighs; looks up* Holmes.
Holmes: *steps closer; hands behind his back* A word, if you please.
Hooper: *rolls ‘his’ eyes* What do you want this time?
Holmes: *tilts his head* Tonsils.
Hooper: *narrows ‘his’ eyes; to Anderson* Leave us.
Anderson: *confused; glances at the victim* Why do you need to see-
Hooper: *fierce* I said leave us.
Anderson: *leave the morgue*
Holmes: *removes his hat* On the table.
Hooper: *scoffs* No.
Holmes: *shakes his head; swiftly lifts her onto the table* I wish you’d do as I say.
Hooper: *raises an eyebrow* Do you?
Holmes: *snogs her*
Hooper: *pushes him away several moments later; whispers* Watson…
Holmes: *scowls* I’m Holmes.
Watson: *standing in the doorway; clears his throat awkwardly*
Holmes: *turns; smiling* Ah, Watson…I can explain-
Watson: *smug* I don’t think that’s necessary *tips his hat* Doctor Hooper.
Holmes: …
Hooper: …
Watson: *nods once* Good day.

  • victorian werewolves who smoke obscene amounts of opium to help them through the transition to wolf and back
  • victorian vampire ladies who lace their corsets tight so the veins running from breastbone to neck look burnished blue underneath their white skin
  • victorian sirens who haunt the streets of whitechapel and inhabit the souls of dirty prostitutes to feel the hot touch of flesh once more
  • victorian demons who smile like pretty respectable women fluttering fans and whispering “my lord“ and beneath their hooped skirts they hide their wicked tails

Inktober 6: Pumpkin Heads

when i saw this prompt, i wondered what mood i wanted to go for and finally decided on 19th century portraiture. what i didn’t expect was that when i looked up inspiration for a pose/composition that i’d find so many delightfully silly portraits. upon further research, tricks of editing–such as headless portraits, or ‘impossible figures’–were a popular thing, but took lots of forethought and effort to achieve at times. so a simpler, but equally fun option was to swap clothes.

here’s the photo i used as reference, and while i am sad that i couldn’t find its origin, it is one of several ‘crossdressing’ portraits that exists from the victorian era. i highly recommend checking them out, everyone looks INCREDIBLY dapper, and i adore that in each of them you can see the humor in their suppressed smiles.