Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

Have We Met Before?


Returning back to London to be with your best friend Sherlock you meet a familiar detective inspector Lestrade. You’re both certain you’ve met before.

But what you both don’t know is that it was never in this lifetime.



The year 1895…

“Oh Y/N your ring is beautiful!” Mary cooed taking your hand in hers, admiring your gleaming ring.

“Thank you Mary,” you gave her a hug “I think Gregory spent all his savings on it” you giggled and an arm wrapped around your waist.

“Well it was worth it for you, dear” Gregory pressed a kiss to your cheek. He rubbed his hand up and down your side and leaned in close to your ear “And it was worth it if you let me take off this nuisance you call a corset later” he huskily spoke.

A shiver ran down your spine and you pressed a hand against his chest, giving him a wary look. Gregory just smiled. Sherlock and Doctor Watson shook Gregory’s hand in congratulations. “We look forward to the wedding”.

“As do we” you and Gregory both said at the same time and let out a laugh.

“We should be off” the detective inspector checked his pocket watch and linked his arm with yours. You both waved goodbye to the trio in the flat, bumping into Mrs Hudson on the way out who hugged you tightly.

“You do know they are going to scold us until the day we die when they find out we married in secret” you giggled in the hallway and Greg nooded with a small smirk.

Making your way outside to the thick, smog and coal engulfed streets of London Gregory hailed a horse and cart cab before you realised you had left your scarf on the coat hook inside 221b. “I won’t be a moment darling! Just wait in the cab!” You waved to Gregory and held a fistful of your dress to step up and into the flat. You grabbed your scarf and wrapped it around you before making your way out to the cab.

A looming shadow came from behind you and you suddenly felt a sharp pain in the bottom of the back and it ran through to your stomach. The thug grabbed your expensive looking necklace and ran off. You let out a loud groan and Gregory came rushing out of the cab as you fell to the ground, blood slipped though your fingers as you tired to compress the wound.

“Gregory…please…” You whispered out as your mouth suddenly became dry, the detective inspector was busy trying to stop the bleeding. You caught his attention by pressing a bloodied hand to the side of his face, some of the blood dripped onto his muttonchops.

He looked at you right in the eye and cupped your ever-paling face in his hands “You do know that I love you Gregory…very much” you softly spoke, afraid of you spoke any louder you’d wince with pain.

“Yes! I know I love you too dear, please just…Y/N?” His voice broke as your eyes suddenly lost all life from them “Y/N sweetheart…wake up” he pleaded and slapped your face before screaming for help from Sherlock and Doctor Watson. Tears from Gregory spilled onto your face. You could feel them and you desperately wished to say his name again.

Gregory called out to you again over and over “Y/N…Y/N…”

Present day….

“Y/N?…Y/N!” You rushed over to the man calling your name with a smile.

“You couldn’t even let me have five minutes at the bureau without calling me back to London?” You chuckled and wrapped an arm around his neck to hug him while your other hand held onto your luggage “I can’t believe the great Sherlock Holmes needs my help. Again.” You teased and Sherlock rolled his eyes.

Sherlock took your bag and took you back to his flat. You had moved from London to America to work at the FBI six months ago. You were great friends with Sherlock and John beforehand so when a call came through to the assistant director demanding you back to London to help with a case he had to let you go. You had a funny feeling Sherlock pressured Mycroft to get you back.

You walked up to the flat and met with John and Mary giving them a brief hug before a man behind them made you have a brief deja vu moment. “Ehh hello…” You smiled and stuck your hand out.

“Hi I’m detective inspector Greg Lestrade” he shook it with a raised brow. He’d seen those eyes before.

“I’m special agent Y/N L/N from the FBI. Have we met before?”

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View of a parlor in a house in Upton, Massachusetts, c. 1800′s. A magic lantern projector is visible below the sculpture on the shelf. By Z. B. Grandy.

Queer subtext in the Hungarian translation part 2.

I didn’t expect this to come out so soon, but I read a few novels and collected so much data I decided to just do it.

The first one is The Illustrious client ( Egy nevezetes személy története - A case of a famous person)

This is a wonderful story, even in English, because Turkish baths and injured Holmes, but the translation is literal gold.
We start off with Holmes and Watson enjoying the Turkish bath. In English, he simply says “an isolated corner where two couches lie side by side”. The translator decided to specify, saying “a hidden corner, in which two couches barely are barely fit in”.
When Watson arrives to Baker Street after finding out about the attack against Holmes, he asks the doctor who took care of him permission to see him. In the English version, he simply states Holmes’s state and says “a few minutes would not be absolutely forbidden.” The translation, for some reason, felt the need to add that the doctor winked at Watson after saying that. Why? I don’t know.
Instead of “Anything more?”, Watson asks “anything more, my poor friend?”
“I was always conscious of the gap between.” says Watson. I’m Hungarian, he decides to add “the gap that he sometimes didn’t even try to *áthidalni* - close the gap (literally : build a bridge over the gap).”
When Watson comes back, in English he says “He was out of bed now”. The Hungarian version says “I didn’t find Sherlock (!!) in his bed”. Not much of a difference, but still, Sherlock!
The entire description of Baron Grüner is incredibly gay in both versions. It’s basically the same, slight differences, but it’s not bug enough to matter.
The fact that Watson would have cried over the fact that the Baron’s beautiful face got burned with vitriol, had it not been for the horrible acts he’d done to deserve this is just amazing.

I finally gathered enough strength to read The Final problem ( Az utolsó eset - The last case), and boy it was heartbreaking.

The only thing I’d like to highlight here is Holmes’s letter.
“Believe me to be, my dear fellow, ‘very sincerely yours, Sherlock Holmes.”
The Hungarian version says
“I’ll forever stay your loving friend, Sherlock Holmes”

The retired colourman (same in Hungarian) In which the famous line, “one day the true story might be told” is said. This wasn’t really changed, he says “One day, we might tell them what actually happened.”. That’s it for this post, thank you for reading! Part 3 coming soon! If you want to be tagged, tell me :> __________ @astudyincanon @loveismyrevolution