Dun dun dun.  Still a couple more half-body versions to do to better convey certain emotions, and some emotion edits, but there she is!  90% done.  Still some small touch-ups and fixes I need to do that I noticed while uploading this. = v=  Some slight changes to part of her frontal hairstyle and her collar, and her buttons have stars.

And for the record, she’s not intended to have Albinism.  Actually, humans with albinism don’t have red eyes. = v =  She’s just extremely pale.


The Glass Scientists update!

This week’s page gets a bit shouty! Speaking of shouty, my voice is all scratchy right now because I saw the Decemberists in concert and at one point the audience is instructed to scream “as if you’re about to be swallowed by a whale.” Decemberists fans know what song I’m talking about! Also they played The Rake’s Song, which is my fav. Gotta love a peppy murder song. 

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