need refs/inspo for period clothing?

here you go:

lots of periods in one spot/fashion through centuries:

Short disclaimer: Most pictures show clothes of royalty, aristocracy, and burgoisie as their clothes weren’t worn as much and especially not for labour, which is the issue with farmers/workers’ clothes, which also were reused quite often, whether to sew new clothes or have rags. So please keep this in mind!!

It really is very European-centric as I am European as well, and I apologise for it if you expected more from it. I definitely lack the knowledge to determine what are accurate portrayals of other cultures, and to find content for them is really difficult as well. This is why I would encourage you to submit any resources you have to my blog! If you have any book recs or know good pages, please let me know!

Another edit/note: Pinterest has changed a lot since I made the post, so you need to be signed in now to see more than the first row of the boards, I’m really sorry about that! (Also I tested all the links and on my original post they still work, if you’re having isues with that.)

terrible tudors, gorgeous georgians, slimy stuarts, vile victorians, woeful wars, ferocious fights, dingy castles, daring knights. horrors that defy description, cut throat celts, awful egyptians, vicious vikings, cruel crimes, punishments from ancient times. romans: rotten, rank and ruthless. cavemen: savage, fierce and toothless. groovy greeks, brainy sages, mean and measly middle ages. gory stories we do that. and your host a talking rat. the past is no longer a mystery. welcome to HORRIBLE HISTORIES.


From “Love and War” story two in the Book “ The Storyteller “by Sadae hayblum Love and War is a Victorian era civil war tale about Akiro an afluent Japanese man and Ariel a free black woman living in New Orleans. Click the link below to check out the ebook happy reading!

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British Pattern 1896 Cavalry Officer’s Sword

An exceptional 1896 pattern Wilkinson calvary officer’s sword, with patent solid hilt, numbered 43136 for 1911 (one of the latest patent hilts I have seen). The sword is in fantastic condition with only some very minor pitting on the tip of the sword and marks from service sharpening, presumably for WW1. The ricasso of the blade bears Wilkinson’s best quality hexagonal proof slug with clear and detailed etchings. The sword is service sharpened as mentioned and still remains quite sharp. The hilt is in virtually perfect condition, nickel plated in high polish and fine wire-bound chequered patent grips. Housed in brown leather Service Dress scabbard. There is a bend to the leather drag of the scabbard from standing too long. Being the top quality and highly desirable patent solid hit, the whole sword is of course solid and sound. A truly gorgeous sword, from that last few years that swords were still expected to be used in combat by British forces. This sword is currently unresearched.