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Detail of the neo-Gothic exterior of the Manchester City Hall.

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Here’s something I found rather interesting, also perhaps a little creepy. They’re called “invisible mother” photos. They covered the mother so they could sit the children down and make them stand up right, they also created rather haunting phantom like figures. I think it fits with Crimson pretty well.


Built on the site of the medieval Great Hall, the King’s Hall is a Victorian masterpiece.  Its magnificent false hammer beam ceiling is made with teak from Thailand, then called Siam. The King of Siam, a good friend of Lord Armstrong who visited Bamburgh, is said to have helped carve some of the intricate designs. The King’s Hall was to be the castle’s main social reception and banqueting room. Lord Armstrong built a minstrel’s gallery where the musicians playing at the balls performed. 

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This is Northumberland!