There was a princess… Elisabeta. She was the most radiant woman in all the empires of the world. Man’s deceit took her from her ancient prince. She leapt to her death into the river that you spoke of. In my mother’s tongue, it is called “Artzeche”, River Princess.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) dir. Francis Ford Coppola


Victorian Era Vampire Hunting Kit from ShadowAlley

This antique style Vampire Hunting Kit has been crafted and aged to give an authentic Victorian era look and feel. It is intended for display as a decorative item. It is not recommended by The Shadow Alley Curiosity Shop that you attempt to hunt vampires unless you are an experience professional.

Victorian Horror symbol starters

Send me a symbol for a starter based on Victorian Horror and Victorian Gothic tropes and history! Enjoy a few little references to famous tales as well ~ (If you’d like a drabble based on these, send “symbol + drabble”) - suggested by @junkenghoul 

(Triggers present: all manner of death mention, murder, suicide, mental and physical illness)

✍Finding a cryptic, hand-written note in the study

🎩The muse meets a charming stranger for the first time, but something about them is suspicious

🕸 Exploring an old cellar/basement full of secrets

🌕Witnessing a moonlit ritual outside of a manor, cut off from civilization

👂 A descent into madness, prompted by rumors and paranoia

😱A descent into madness, as the character begins to no longer recognize those around them and/or see evil in everyone they know

🦇An eerie meeting between vampire and victim

😓A misunderstood character is ostracized, perhaps even threatened, for their peculiar habits, interests, or studies

💀A character suffering nightmares of their own death, or that of someone close to them

😈A plot about the effects of an ancestral curse never put to rest

😨A character catches sight of a horrible monster, but struggles to convince their loved ones that it’s not just their imagination

👀Everywhere the character goes, they feel as if they’re being watched (by the paintings, behind the mirrors, through every window)

⏳ A character becoming obsessed with their own mortality, age, or waning beauty

🔥 A crowd armed with torches gathering to hunt a monster/witch in town

👥The character has two distinct parts to their personality, one light and one dark, fighting for dominance

🔒A character framed and imprisoned/institutionalized for something they are not guilty of

🔮Receiving a dreadful warning through fortune telling

☠ A ghostly spirit leads the muse to uncovering the gruesome details of their death

😷The muse suffering terrible visions and hallucinations during a deathly fever (bonus if they are confined to their bed or locked in quarantine)

🕛Mysterious events happen every night at exactly midnight

😵The character is forced into a fearful asylum, searching for a means of freedom.

⚰️The suicide of a loved one throws a character into misery and temptation to be with them

🔫After a gruesome plot is uncovered, the character realizes their new friend/lover/spouse is actually a brutal murderer, possibly with the protagonist in their sights

🖤A character in mourning is haunted by the guilt (and possibly ghost) of their lost love

👻The character(s) conduct a seance to speak with a spirit haunting their home

🏘 A character inherits an ancestral home, but the property is not what it seems (bonus: they also inherit an odd, eccentric housekeeper)

🥀A ghostly character has to come to terms with their own death (which they may or may not be aware of at first)