victorian zombie


Incredible local display by NP Photography

ZOMBIE- A zombie is a deceased human being who has been partially returned to life due to undetermined causes; the Reanimated.  Some of the Reanimated, without will, or intent, reflexively perform routine activities from their past lives.

A bunch of my coworkers are compiling a zine art booklet. The theme for this year’s zine is a monster/creature handbook. So I picked zombies for my entry! I didn’t want to do a drawing that was gory and gross, but cute and creepy. I imagined a bunch of zombies from different time periods coming up for the day and having themselves a jolly holiday picnic.

I’m not super satisfied with the final result, (since I waited last minute to do it) but overall I’m happy with my zombies. :D Let me know if this is a drawing worthy of a print. I need to set up my own online art store eventually! I could do a whole series of historical zombies.

I was at school and zombies started attacking and I was like ‘ugh another stupid zombie apocalypse? This is so overdone I’m sick of it’

So then the dream changed and I was in Victorian England… and zombies started attacking only now I was stuck trying to kill them with flintlock weapons

Don’t get me wrong, it is a serious challenge. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I do not take the task lightly, it is something that I am hugely committed to and serious about, but when you walk in in the morning, and you are presented with an alien space station, or a set of Victorian droid zombies who want to kill you, you’d have to be very, very curmudgeonly not to smile inside and think, This is fun. When it’s not fun, it’s time to stop. When you don’t find that stuff fun, it’s over, really.
—  Peter on finding the fun

Moffat Disapproval Week - Day 6: Fake Science

Doctor Who has never been Star Trek TNG.
But Moffat Who has become Charmed.
Actually no, Charmed rules for magic made way more sense and had way more internal consistency than Moffat Who fake science.

Season 8 reached a new low. It just felt like cheap fantasy written in another century. Dragon eggs that gain mass from nowhere, sparkly fairies that grow trees from nowhere, the moon hatching with no consequences whatsoever on earth, fireproof plants that block magnetic solar flares, disproportioned dinosaurs wandering in victorian London, flying zombie cybermen growing out of the “pollinated” graveyards.

And don’t forget the appalling messagge of In the Forest of the Night: “those voices you’re hearing in your head are REAL FAIRIES! So don’t take your medications, or you won’t be able to save the world!”

Moffat Who fake science is not just silly anymore.
It’s dangerous.

Edit: No, MHD, I’m not worried about children here, I’m worried about mentally ill children who hear voices in their heads. Now tell me they have absolutely no problem in telling reality from fiction.