victorian whimsy


Today in Cool (?) Stuff in the MailWalter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy.  Walter Potter was a British country taxidermist whose whackdoodle scenarios of kitten weddings and rabbits in school became a renowned example of Victorian whimsy (though, uh, perhaps a bit upsetting to modern sensibilities – I didn’t post the taxidermied kittens, for which you’re no doubt thanking me right now).  

Potter died in 1918 and the collection continued on as a museum for decades – interestingly, when it was finally split up and sold off in 2003, auction house Bonhams rejected a £1 million pound bid from Damien Hirst for the entire shebang, a decision that later got them sued by the original owners who argued the bid should’ve been accepted.  Though I dunno, I can’t see how being studded with diamonds or suspended in formaldehyde could improve on this any.

– Petra