victorian table

Without exaggeration, this map took me 15 hours to draw. I didn’t think it would take that long. But this isn’t the sort of thing I usually draw, so it took me longer than usual. If you look at it and enjoy it, it’s worthwhile though! It’s another item for my table top role-playing friends. I still need to do some character sheets. It will be nice to start a new project now!

Used Pt. 2

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You looked at the bright screen of your phone and smiled. You wanted nothing more than to be in front of him right now. Quickly, you sat up from your bed and put on the closest pair of shoes you could find.

You made your way down the staircase quietly and were careful not to wake your parents or brother. They could never find out you were sneaking out in the dead of night to meet a married man. What would they think of you?

As you trod to his house, you noticed a dark silhouette by the wooden door. Your heartbeat sped up and you felt a tingling sensation on your lips, remembering the kiss from earlier.

“Y/N,” Lee Taeyong greeted, a hint of mischief in his voice.

Before you could respond, he was dragging you inside the house.

“Don’t make any noise, Jaehyun’s sleeping upstairs,” he whispered, placing a thin finger over his lips.

Quickly, you nodded and he continued to take you in the direction of where you had been earlier, the dining room. I guess this was the room farthest from the bedroom.

When you two reached the intended destination, his grip on your wrist automatically loosened. He stood just in front of you, his tender eyes peering into yours.

“You wanted to find out how good I can make you feel, baby girl?” he smirked, his fingers gingerly pulling the waistline of your pants.

Although his touch distracted you, your eyes never left his; you were completely captivated by his demeanor. In this moment, you wanted nothing more than for him to take ownership of you. What was this sudden change of heart?

He took your unresponsiveness as a yes and proceeded to lower your pants, leaving you only in your light blue panties. He attached his lips to yours. The kiss deepened as he backed you up until you felt the sturdy edge of the table below your ass. Teasingly, he bit at your now swollen lips and dragged his fingers over your clothed heat. 

“Mr. Lee, please,” you whined against his mouth. 

“Kitten, call me Taeyong.” 

“Taeyong, please…” 

“Please what?” he breathed, the warmth tickling your neck. 

“Fuck me.”

His gaze turned dark. Within seconds he had you pinned on the Victorian table, your panties discarded on the tiled floor while his middle finger steadily pumped in and out of you. You whimpered, a weird and foreign feeling in your stomach beginning to form. When he added a second finger, a loud gasp escaped your mouth. Instinctively, he cupped his hand over your mouth. 

“Sweetheart, if you can’t keep quiet, I won’t be able to give you what you want,” he groaned.

You felt him press his hard member against your inner thigh which in turn made your stomach churn. All you wanted was to feel him inside of you; therefore, you willingly cupped your hands over your mouth and nodded. He smirked and continued to pump his fingers in and out of you while his other hand squeezed your right breast and his tongue made circles on your neck. 

“You’re dripping, kitten. I think you’re ready for me.” 

He sat up on the table and hastily stuffed his hand into his pocket, bringing out a small, square-shaped wrapper. 

“I’ve actually never used one. Can you help me put it on?” he confessed smiling shyly at you. 

You returned the smile and seized the small package from his hands. Although you hadn’t used a condom either, you had learned how to put one on a banana in sex ed. Carefully, you obtained the condom from its wrapper as he lowered his pants, his hard cock springing out. Usually, you would’ve been shy and hesitant on sliding a condom over one’s private but right now, you needed him to fuck your brains out. You slid the condom over his erect member as your lustful and needy eyes swallowed each other. Hesitantly, he moved in between your legs as you remained seated on the dining table. 

He held his throbbing member and slid every inch of it into your dripping pussy. His warm, wet tongue played with yours as his hips grinded onto you. Never had you been granted this much pain and pleasure in your life. 

Your breathing soon became shallow; the unceasing thrusts granting you an overwhelming amount of pleasure. Unable to suppress your moans any longer, you tightly cupped your mouth with one hand and grasped at the table with the other. Taeyong sped up his pace and cocked his head back, on the verge of release. 

Within seconds, you felt the knot in your stomach snap but Taeyong didn’t stop. His rough hands squeezed your breasts mercilessly as his thrusting became erratic. As you lay there, you felt your body being pushed up harshly against the cold table.

“Taeyong, I can’t,” you begged, your heat beginning to ache from the over-sensitivity.

“Shut up,” he demanded, his eyes shut as he pounded into you continuously.

After a minute of senseless thrusting and you not trying to think of the discomfort, he orgasmed. He pulled out of you and disposed of the seed-filled condom. 

You dressed yourselves in silence. The libido, which was present seconds ago, had vanished and left only a pair of embarrassed individuals. As he walked you to the front door, you realized you were the only one who was left feeling disconcerted and vulnerable. The look in his eyes said it all. This hadn’t been the first time.

“Can I taste you next time?” Taeyong teased, biting his lips.

You smiled as your cheeks glowed red under the dim light just outside his house; you couldn’t muster up a single reply. 

“Goodnight, Taeyong,” you said timidly. 

“Goodnight, Y/N.” 

In the cold winter night, you trudged to your safe haven. You weren’t exactly sure how you felt after the careless act. It had brought you more pain than pleasure. Would it feel better next time? Why were you even thinking of a next time? You expelled the thoughts from your head and drifted into a deep sleep. 

 Once again, you found yourself in class on a snowy Monday morning. The weekend had allowed for much contemplation and newfound regret. 

You found yourself asking infinitely many questions, one which rose above all. What made you think sleeping with a married man would be a good thing?

During your Mathematics lecture, your eyes never met with Taeyong’s. He called on you once to solve a problem on the board. You went up to the board, solved the problem, and were able to avoid his icy stare. 

Four days had passed without any contact. It was Friday morning and you were anticipating the weekend. Your family had planned an out of town trip and you hoped it would clear your head of all things Taeyong. 

Mr. Lee began the lecture as per usual and you jotted down the examples he was writing on the board. Somewhere in between derivatives and integrals, you stopped listening to the lecture. The events of Friday night held your thoughts captive. How could you act in such a horrid manner? Had your morality completely vanished?

A faint voice off in the distance released you from your thoughts. You hadn’t realized the frustration and annoyance in the voice until your full focus was on the tall figure in front of you. 

“Y/N, this is no place for daydreams.”

“Be prepared for an hour of detention after school,” Mr. Lee announced, his tone irritated yet his eyes told a different story. 

You sighed and rolled your eyes. You knew you not paying attention to the lecture was not enough for detention on a Friday. 

You went along with your day and at four o'clock, you headed to Mr. Lee’s classroom. You were going to explain to him how your family was planning to leave before evening. 

As you walked into the classroom, you observed Mr. Lee leaning against the desk, a stack of papers in his hands. You had to admit the view was nice. 

His platinum-colored hair was messily combed to the side, as if he had used his fingers to comb it, and he wore a black button down with matching slacks. 

You knocked lightly on the door which had been left ajar. 

“Come in,” Mr. Lee said, his eyes never leaving the papers in front of him. 

“Actually, I- ” 

“Don’t say anything.” 

He set the papers aside and ambled to where you were. His hand reached for your wrist and you were tugged into the classroom. He slammed the door shut behind you and turned to you. Now, his gaze was solely on you. 

Again, you were left speechless. 

“Why have you been avoiding me, Y/N?” he questioned, gently placing a wintry hand on your cheek.

You flinched due to the coldness. He swiftly retracted his hand and his once clement demeanor changed to one of predation. 

“You know what I think?” 

He didn’t let you answer. 

“I think you’ve been a very bad girl, Y/N. You come to me in the dead of night and give yourself to me. Did you expect for it to end there?” he questioned, tilting his head to the side.

“If you did, you were mistaken–Baby girl, I think you need to be punished,” Taeyong stated, and this last was in a different voice. It was playfully taunting yet sinister. 

In his eyes, lust was evident. However, why was there no sign of affection? Of love?

Because it was sheer lust.

“The Air That I Breathe”

Summary: Bucky and Y/N are tense and need to getaway. Enter Tony, Pepper and the team to the rescue.

 Word Count: 471

 Warnings: Fluff and romance

 Bucky and Y/N lead hectic lives. Kids and their extracurricular activities and work. Although Bucky no longer went on missions, training agents meant long hours. Y/N assisted Pepper with fundraisers for Stark Industries. Everyone observed how tense the active couple had become and asked Tony to  arrange a weekend getaway.

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Used Pt. 1

Originally posted by nctinfo

An uncomfortable sigh left your mouth as you kept your eyes fixed on the plate of food set atop the bamboo place mat. You scooped up a spoonful of mashed potatoes and stuffed it into your mouth. You felt the attractive man’s dark, unfathomable eyes on you which in turn colored your cheeks and ears a bright pink shade. You swore his gaze was scrutinizing your every facial feature, but why would he be? He was gay after all.

Your mom thought it a good idea to invite the new neighbors over for dinner. Surely, the newly wed neighbors looked friendly, especially the taller, pale brunette with carefully crafted dimples on either side of his cheeks, but there was something about his husband. He stood just two inches shorter of the man who introduced himself as Jaehyun and had dark, ash-tinted hair messily combed over his forehead and a sculpted jawline which you’d be eyeing if he weren’t staring you down right now.

“So Taeyong, you said you and Jaehyun moved here because you were offered a job?” my mom questioned thoughtfully.

“Yes, I was hired as a teacher at the high school just a few minutes from here actually,” Taeyong explained, pointing a finger in the semi direction of the school. His eyes weren’t burning holes through you for the first time.

“Wow, Hansol’s actually the guidance counselor there!” your quirky mom exclaimed a bit too excitedly.

What a surprise. She only mentioned your brother and forgot you were even present.

“Oh! And Y/N is a senior there!”

As soon as he heard your name, his lips quirked up into a smirk. Once again, his eyes were focused on solely you. You failed to keep your eyes fixed on your plate and were met with his cold stare.

“Oh, really?” Taeyong expressed eagerly, his interest piqued.

You devoured the last bits of your steak before you excused yourself from the table. You wanted nothing more than to be in the safe confines of your room.


The last bit of the winter break flew by and you were now locking your front door, walking down the concrete steps and exiting the gate. The cold wind picked up and you mentally cursed at yourself for not wearing a thicker jacket.

As you were passing the new neighbors’ home, you heard the fumbling for keys and the chirp of a car follow. You quickened your pace to avoid being seen.


Too late. You hesitantly turned your head to see a smiling, bright-eyed Lee Taeyong.

“Oh… Good morning, Mr. Lee,” you mumbled with a slight nod of your head.

“It’s freezing! I’ll give you a ride to school, Y/N,” he called, motioning you over with his hand.

“Oh no, I’m good.”

“Oh but I insist! I doubt your skirt is keeping you warm, Y/N,” Taeyong remarked with a cheeky grin.

How bad could a five minute ride with a pristine hypercritic be?

You gave in and shuffled towards the passenger’s side. Lee Taeyong beamed. The sight was quite charming, not as it had been the day you first met. He had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his trench coat and shy doe eyes.

You briskly opened the door of the charcoal-colored sedan and slid into your seat. Simpering, Mr. Lee followed and started the car. The car ride was short with only a limited amount of words exchanged between the two of you. Mr. Lee thoughtfully dropped you off in the front of the school before going and parking his car.

You sauntered into the school, luminous hallways surrounding you. You soon arrived at your classroom and sat in your usual seat, the one in the front left corner next to the window. Small streams of students gradually poured into the classroom followed by a tall man in a black trench coat. Great.

“Good morning, class. As you all may know, your teacher Mrs. Ahn is on maternity leave and I’ll be filling in for her meanwhile.”

You had completely forgotten your teacher was even pregnant. Why couldn’t she have just kept her legs closed?

He soon began lecturing and your focus remained solely on the board. While your eyes never faltered to steal a glimpse of your personable substitute teacher, Mr. Lee’s eyes would often wander over to where you were seated.

Class soon ended and you went about your day. Although you were used to walking to and fro school, Mr. Lee began to offer you rides in the mornings which you so gladly accepted. It was January, after all. He repeatedly apologized for not being able to take you home due to mandatory after school meetings for the faculty, but you didn’t understand why. It wasn’t his job to take you home.

After several days of oddly comfortable silence, Mr. Lee spoke up during one of those frosty seven in the morning car rides.

“Y/N, I’ve noticed you struggle with mathematics. Have you thought of meeting with a tutor?” Taeyong questioned, his hands gripping the steering wheel while his eyes stayed on the road ahead.

“Well… no, I haven’t. I should if I want to get into my first-choice college,” you replied, somewhat puzzled now.

“I’ll tell my parents to look for one,” you commented a few moments after giving the newfound dilemma much thought.

“Nonsense, I can tutor you.”

“Oh but you’re already so busy, Mr. Lee. I’m sure my parents can find a tutor for me.“

“Y/N, I insist.”

The unusual and creepy feeling he first presented had vanished entirely. He was actually an honest and attentive person you now felt comfortable with so you accepted.

“Okay, what time should I go to your house then?”

“What about six o'clock?” he suggested, glancing over at you, his eyes gentle.

You smiled and nodded.


The time soon came for you to meet with Mr. Lee. You threw on a gray sweatshirt and black running pants. You quickly pulled your hair back in a ponytail and walked over to Mr. Lee’s home . Lightly, you knocked on the door and heard feet shuffling on the other side.

“Y/N! You’re just in time!” Taeyong expressed excitedly, contentment evident on his face.

He led you to the dining room where he had multiple mathematics books piled up on an elegant Victorian dining table. He fixed his glasses and took a seat.

“Sit,” Taeyong urged, patting the seat next to him.

You sat and searched your backpack for your homework while Mr. Lee flipped through a book trying to find the lesson you had gone over in class today.

“Okay, let’s start,” Taeyong said with a hint of a smile on his face.

The both of you worked diligently for half an hour. Mr. Lee would go over an example in the book with you and then you’d solve a similar problem on your worksheet. While you were closed to finishing your homework, you felt his eyes on you; it felt as if he was burning a hole through your face. Your cheeks began to heat up but your eyes didn’t leave the paper in front of you, that was until he called your attention.


Your head shot up and you were met with Mr. Lee’s face just centimeters away from yours. His eyes now focused on your rosy lips while your fearful eyes scanned his face for a decipherable emotion.

Although his face inched closer, you were unable to move. You remained completely motionless when his lips came into contact with yours. His soft lips moved against yours but you didn’t kiss back, you couldn’t.

You felt his hands run up and down your thighs. Finally, you became sensible. You pulled away from the kiss and pushed his hands off your thighs harshly. You hastily gathered your things and headed for the door; you needed to get out of their immediately.

“Y/N!” Mr. Lee yelled from the dining room.

Your heart was pounding against your chest, your emotions obscure and your mind clouded with a hundred different thoughts. Before you could turn the handle, he grabbed your arm and pulled you close to him.

“Tell me you’re not attracted to me and I’ll leave you alone,” he whispered, his breath warm against your ear.

“Get off of me!”

You tried to push him off but he gripped your wrists tightly. You couldn’t move.

“I’ll make you feel good, baby girl,” he breathed, his eyes blazing into yours, close and intensely.

Seconds ticked before you reacted and yelled at him to release you. Were you actually thinking of letting him have his way with you? He’s a married man, Y/N.

His grip on your wrists tightened even more and he pushed you up against the front door, his gaze obsessed. He looked you over one last time before smashing his lips against yours. His lips trailed down to your neck where he sucked harshly. He held both your wrists with one hand while the other hand traveled down to the waistline of your running pants. You gasped; even if it was forceful, you had to admit it felt good being taken control of.

As he slipped his cold hand in your pants, you remembered Jaehyun.

“Where’s Jaehyun?” you asked half-dazed due to the euphoric feeling elicited from Lee Taeyong’s skillful hand.

“He’s working late tonight, don’t worry sweetheart,” Taeyong responded in between sloppy kisses to your neck.

How could you so easily give yourself to a married man?

Once again, logic resurfaced in your thoughts and actions.

“Mr. Lee, I can’t.”

He stopped sucking on your neck and search for your eyes. In your nervous eyes, he detected fear and uncertainty. He knew he could no longer try to persuade and seduce you. He knew when to stop. He knew you’d give in when you were ready.

He nodded and freed your wrists from his tight hold. You couldn’t meet his eyes. With your vision focused on the tasteful tile patterns on the floor, you turned around, grasped the brass door knob, and opened the door to leave.


It was three in the morning and you were still struggling to finish an essay. The essay was due on Monday, and sure it was only Friday, but you were trying to keep your mind away from what had occurred hours earlier. You sighed and decided it was best to try and sleep. Lazily, you stood up from the desk chair and made your way to the bed, earphones and phone in hand.

You were too engrossed in your thoughts to notice Annie by Neon Indian playing on repeat. You were entirely consumed in your thoughts. You recalled the way Mr. Lee pushed you up against the door and sucked on your neck brutally. You wanted to feel it once more. You needed to feel it.

You reached for your phone and hastily scrolled through your contacts. Mr. Lee had offered you his number one morning, should you ever need something, and right now you desperately needed him.

Although your action was impulsive and you were aware of the strong possibility of him being asleep, you sent him a text message.

Seconds, which felt like hours, passed and you felt the vibration of your phone. It was him.

Mr. Lee: Come over.


Originally posted by lalisamanobanblackpink

Summary: When an impulsive decision left you with nothing but regrets, your attempt to fix your mistake only seals your fate.

Lisa//Female Reader, heavy angst w/ mild fluff, not-so-happy ending

Not Requested

Warnings: Swearing, graphic violence, mentions of death/suicide

Word Count: 11,592 (27 Pages)

POV: Reader, second person

A/N: This took way too long to finish, but here it finally is. I hope all of you are prepared to be confused, sad, and broken because that is 100% what I felt when I was writing this. Enjoy this stupidly long piece!

As a disclaimer, I would just like to let anyone reading this know that suicide is not the answer. It is simply the start of a new problem for those around you. If you feel the urge to end your own life, I implore you to contact your local hotline, your closest friend, or even a teacher. Talking about these things always helps. Please remember that you are loved and there are people around you who will provide support for you should you need it.

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