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Here it is, guys! The completed Sherlock chess set. (Now all that’s left to do is to figure out how to build a replica Victorian chess table…)

Team Sherlock
King: Sherlock
Queen: John
Bishops: Lestrade and Mary
Knights: Molly and Anderson
Rooks: Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft
Pawns: Police, a pair of the Homeless Network, and Baby Watson (not that I think Sherlock would see her as a pawn, but you can bet your deerstalker Moriarty would)

Team Moriarty
King: Moriarty (honey, you should see him in a crown)
Queen: Irene Adler
Bishops: Magnussen and Moran
Knights: Kitty Riley and The Cabbie
Rooks: General Shan and The Golem
Pawns: A bunch of generic henchmen (because I’ll bet that’s all they ever were to him anyway)


Estate Sale Finds Part 2 by cashcraft (The Sims 3)

Estate Sale Finds Part 2 includes a few recolors of the sewing machine and cash register as well as a vintage Victorian sideboard, table lamps, decorative silk hand fans, tea sets, and another water nymph wall art. An updated collection folder is available for download at Media Fire.

    Table set up as it would have been in the 1830s at the Knoles Log House, part of the Ross County Heritage Center complex.

    Notice there aren’t any forks. Forks weren’t commonly used in this time period. People ate with their knives the way we would use a fork. There’s a little poem from this era that illustrates the point.

I eat my peas with honey.
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
But it keeps them on my knife.

    The Knoles Log House is available for tours starting April 1st, Tuesday - Saturday 1-5pm. Tours start at the Ross County Heritage Center at 45 W. 5th St, Chillicothe.

Watson's Kitchen

The kitchen of 221B Baker Street has not really changed since the Victorian era, when Mrs. Hudson commanded the house from within its heart as a captain does from his bridge. There is no washing machine or dishwasher; no modern convenience at all aside from the old fridge freezer that Lestrade discovered upon purchasing the house (a relic from the days of the Sherlock Holmes Museum) and immediately set to work.

Watson the Compudroid is in charge of the house these days, though he does not have a team of servants to command. He does, however, enjoy using the ancient bread oven, aga and hob. He delights in the quiet of the ground floor, the space for his own creativity.

The worn, plain terracotta tiles and pale blue walls encourage a cool, hygienic atmosphere that is perfect for a Victorian kitchen. The table is scratched and as worn as the tiles on the floor, but kept well polished and shiny; the sheen showing the marks and giving it a well-used appearance. Watson runs a metallic finger over the surface and tries to picture Mrs. Hudson there - he would like to say that he misses her presence, but he cannot recall her face and (if he was honest) he enjoys having the freedom to do as he pleases in her domain, without being shooed from it, as he has oft shooed Holmes.

The kitchen is old-fashioned but functional and it is still the hub of the house - it is not a place for experiments.

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