victorian style boots

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as a general "rule", do pointy toe shoes work for lolita or no?

The “rule” isn’t so much about whether or not this whole general style of shoe will work, it’s more just to pay attention to whether or not the specific shoes look good. There are certainly pointed shoes that will work with Lolita and others that won’t. It’s the same with other styles of shoes as well. A lot of people think of mary janes as the go-to Lolita shoe but some are good for Lolita and others are not. It’s more a factor of what the shoe looks like overall and also the look you’re going for in your coord. Pointed shoes aren’t usually going to suit a super sweet look because it’s supposed to be more innocent and childlike but something that’s meant to have a more mature look could potentially use them. Keep in mind though that the overall look of the shoe should fit the pretty and elegant Lolita aesthetic.
Alice and the Pirates has made a few shoes with pointed toes although most of them were meant for Ouji and other more masculine styles. They did make these though which are more for Lolita, although they have a pretty specific look with the pom poms which make them best suited for themed coords.

Cute pastel pointed shoes, especially with a strap could work for a more mature Sweet Lolita look, perhaps Larme Kei inspired:

Or the same kind of look in black for darker coords:

A lot of Victorian style boots have pointy toes too and they can work great with Classic Lolita:

So. I just watched ep. 9 of this season of Penny Dreadful, and I have SO MANY FEELINGS. Aaaaaaugh.

Also, it makes me hate this ridiculously warm and sunny weather even more than usual (I bet you didn’t think that was possible!) because I am now filled with longing to wear velvet skirts, Victorian-style boots, and wonderful frock coats. I WANT TO RETURN TO MY MULTI-LAYERED VICTORIAN WITCH WARDROBE, DAMMIT.