victorian spirit photography


Louis Darget
Fluidic Thought-Image Photography, 1896

1. “The 1st Bottle” Photo of Thoughts. 27 May, 1896.

2. N.D.
Inscribed: “Photo… of thought. Head obtained by Mr. Henning, having a plate wrapped in black paper on his forehead while he played the piano. Opposite him on the piano was a portrait of Beethoven. Could this be that [same] portrait reflected by the brain onto the plate through the black paper. Comt. Darget”

3. “Photograph of a Dream: The Eagle.“ 25 June, 1896.
Inscribed: "Obtained by placing a photographic plate above the forehead of Mme Darget while she was asleep.”

4. “The Volcano.” 13 May, 1902.
Inscribed: “Volcano. Film placed on table in spiritualist séance. The drawing is done in gold. Before the séance, turning toward the West, toward Martinique, I had said: This evening 13 may at 9:00 P.M. I beg one of the spirits who died at St. Pierre to come and appear. May my wireless dispatch reach Martinique. After the séance, I said to all present: I had called up a spirit from Martinique, no medium saw it but it made the present drawing.”

5. “Anger” 23 June, 1896.
Inscribed: Plate placed for 10 minutes above the forehead of a very angry person.“

6. Planet and Satellite. 16 May, 1897.
Inscribed: "Thought photograph Planet and Satellite. Created by thought by Mrs. A. who was looking at a celestial atlas with a plate on her forehead.”