victorian photograph album

Frontispiece to a Victorian photograph album showing various British birds ( kingfisher, bullfinch, chaffinch, wren, blue tit, great tit, greenfinch, yellowhammer, robin, goldfinch, firecrest, brambling, long-tailed tit etc).

Own scan from original album,

‘Summer’ page from a Victorian photograph album. The carte de visite size photographs are of two standing ladies, one elderly and one younger. Both are dressed in fashions typical of the day. The illustration surrounding the photographs depicts garlands of Summer flowers and butterflies with a village in the distance.

Own scan from original album.

Delicate Victorian Friendship carte. I found this in a Victorian photograph album from the Scottish Borders dating from around 1860’s ( I believe). The back reads ‘Sarah Henderson with best wishes and kind regards’. The black marks are ink - presumably where others were signed and placed on top of each other before the ink was properly dry.

Own scan from original carte.