victorian men's fashion

Detail of a man’s outfit from the 1830s. The outfit consists of a necktie and pin, shirt, silk embroidered waistcoat, jacket, trousers, and tartan worsted cloak, with silk lining, fur-trimmed collar and gilt fastenings. The autumns and winters in Britain became much harsher during the first half of the 19th century and, as a result, cloaks came back into fashion, after having been partially superseded by the greatcoat. Worsted wool was a particularly popular material for outer-wear as it was tough and offered good protection from bad weather.

If I was the leader of a country, that nation would have a whole lot of freedom going on.

The citizens would be free to do so many things. Basically anything they wanted so long as it wasn’t harmful to the quality of another’s life or overly harmful to their own. 


I would be the most ruthless fashion dictator in human history.
Wouldn’t care if I had to supply the people with the required clothing myself.

Acceptable garb:

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But I swear to god if you went outside looking like this.

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You would spend this rest of your life hanging upside down from your ball sack in prison.
Secret fashion police would show up at your door that night.