victorian marbles

slytherin aesthetics

overgrown greenery • blank stares • heirloom rings • victorian architecture • crackled marble • dark winged eyeliner • dark nails • perfect hair • tea in the common room • ballet classes • mahogany • sarcasm • wet grass • thorns • thick eyebrows • grand staircases • morning mist • black silk • green velvet • summer rain storms • evergreens • the smell of new leather • mischievous smirks • cold nights • pebbles from a lake • crystals • grand fireplaces • drapery • expensive jewelry • large castles • rings passed down generations • scented candles • knee socks • sheer robes with fir trim • friendship that lasts forever

you wreck me still,
take all of my skin and wrap it as a coat
around your shivering shoulders
(my bones they stand for you), where does
the madness end, where do we go,
when we’ve been trampled by our own
skies? as the velvet ruckus pours,
as the gods make nectar out of our tears
and sip on it in kingdoms of sun-kissed gold,
we are still and always will be; overcome
by muddy stories of castles of glass & their gritty stone-age counterparts

I bleed an ocean, same as you,
we trick the stars into dancing for us,
you are Victorian marble, the apricot wings of
the sunset’s firebirds glow in your veins,
we kiss but the world does not trip off
it’s axis, the blue birds do not stop to watch,
i take your hand, the forest is that way
(just past the forget-me-nots)
and you are the place of my worship

somewhere, they do not applaud us only
to splinter our eardrums

somewhere we love and our
skittering mistakes don’t make
sounds of rustling termites,
somewhere we are not the product
of forbidden starlight and
expired world maps.

somewhere, i am who i want to be.

—  THE SONG BEFORE THE STORM // smultronställe