victorian lesbian detectives

Okay, it is not easy being a kickass Victorian lesbian genius private detective, so Victorian femlock saves every single letter of gratitude she ever receives. She gets them out and looks at them when things seem impossible. She knows how important it is to remind yourself how resilient you are. And how unique. And how your impact on the world is priceless to so many people, though there are those who will doubt and hate you and would have you doubt and hate yourself. She keeps every thank you note she gets, and she saves all of John’s stories from The Strand. Sometimes she needs to remind herself that she’s Sherlock Fucking Holmes, and she can do whatever she sets out to do.


Attention, all Victorian Silurian adventuresses, and spouses and admirers thereof! I’ve added a new design to my Redbubble shop: you can now buy mini-Madame Vastra and Jenny as a t-shirt, sticker or card.

However, despite what your Sontaran valet may tell you, novelty cartoon grenades are NOT available…