Photo of my 2013 fashion show wedding gown (combined with another skirt of my own actual wedding dress of 2014). The dress is made mainly of (French) lace, decorated with much more lace :) It also has embroidered trim, real fresh water pearls and little satin roses ^^

This photo is part of a mini photo story, which can be seen on the photographers site :)

Photo: in creative cooperation with Dracorubio
Model: Macy Wiemelink

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What’s better than this, clever gals being prehistoric pals!” – Ladies Home Journal, Late Cretaceous edition

Ecstatic Bridgette and melancholic Gertrude might be the vicious charismatic megafauna and apex predators of the high society Victorian ecosystem, but they certainly won’t let their difference in temperament–or taste in hat adornments–cause any unnecessary collie-shangles between them! At the moment, particularly delighted over the absolutely lovely bouquet of purple angiosperms, they simply have no choice but to do the ladylike thing and make a deafening screech.