victorian fairy art

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Group picture from my Kinabra (minor GaLe) Victorian AU.

Basically the plot revolves around Erik, a Londoner Victorian lord (with a tragic past) who has just established friendly relationships with a huge empowered family, Fairy Tail. One night, he’s invited to a party at FT, where he meets Kinana, a young maid working there. But that isn’t their first encounter, as Erik recalls that she looks exactly like the friend he lost back in his cruel childhood, and whom he had been searching for years. But, even though he knows she is his old friend, Cuberios, she doesn’t seem to recognize him at all. This is, apparently, because Kinana had lost all her childhood memories.

Throughout the story, Erik tries to make Kinana remember him, but he also realizes that if she remembers him, she will also remember all the horrible memories they both experienced. While deciding which option is best, Erik will also have to deal with many aspects from the Victorian society, a society with two different sides: one obsessed with morality, the other lurking in the shadows, searching for a way to escape reality.

(sorry for the long description… I still can’t believe I was able to finish this orz)