victorian era

i want a supernatural spin-off series that takes place during the Victorian or any time in the romantic period. after all, this time is known for the interest and fear in the supernatural. i just want a group of hunters hunting monsters with weapons they had during that era. saving the streets and citizens of london from evil. killing things while looking fabulous in vests and corsets or empire dresses and waistcoats. references to frankenstein, carmilla, the ghost of drury lane, and other well known stories about the supernatural. maybe the series is a prequel about sam and dean’s family history as hunters before they move to america. victorian supernatural man… i have a story line in mind for that. 

I was awoke at 6 o'clock by Mamma, who told me that the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Conyngham were here, and wished to see me. I got out of bed and went into my sitting-room (only in my dressing-gown), and alone,and saw them. Lord Conyngham (the Lord Chamberlain) then acquainted me that my poor Uncle, the King, was no more, and had expired at 12 minutes past 2 this morning, and consequently that I am Queen. Lord Conyngham knelt down and kissed my hand, at the same time delivering to me the official announcement of the poor King’s demise. 

The Diary of Queen Victoria, Tuesday, June 20th, 1837