victorian costuming

need refs/inspo for period clothing?

here you go:

lots of periods in one spot/fashion through centuries:

it indeed is western/european centric, I’m sorry for that, but for other cultures I simply don’t have so many references

ALSO note that most of the pictures show historical clothing from the upper classes or more festive clothing of the lower/working class because normal working clothes wouldn’t survive for such a long time, and the clothes were often re-used over and over again!


Cath Grace 

“These are the Steampunk costumes I made for my kids at my son’s request. The clothes and all the accessories were made by me, out of both new and upcycled materials. My son is wearing wool knickerbockers with brass accents, a cotton vest with steampunk style buttons and accents, a “flame thrower” backpack, a leather eye patch with watch parts, a handmade tie, and a newspaper boy cap with handmade optical attachment. The shoulder armor was made from a brass pot.My Daughter is wearing a Victorian style gown made from wool with an ostrich pleather waist cincher and vintage lace chest ruffle. She has leather wrist-lets that are fastened by vintage keys, and a tiny top hat that has watch parts attached to the net. (The jacket has a little bustle on the back too.) Her little robot dog was hand painted to look steampunk.”

More from my Dragoncon 2016 costumes…Sunday night,The Parasol Protectorate!  A book series by Gail Carriger, introduced to me by the lady playing Alexia in the photos.  I was Ivy Hisselpenny, a lady described as “only-just-pretty, only-just-wealthy, and possessed of a terrible propensity for wearing extremely silly hats.”  I had a Victorian ballgown from previous years, but I really wanted a walking suit.  I had picked up some very loud stripey fabric from a costume sale years ago and never used it.  It proved to be just the thing for the very silly Ivy.  And of course, there was a very silly hat.

Ivy, Alexia, and Madame Lefoux.  I used the Truly Victorian Tail Bodice, waterfall overskirt, and four-gore underskirt with almost no devations.  That’s unusual for me, and should tell you how good these patterns are.

Bustle Shot!

And of course, Ivy’s very silly hat.  Yes, that is a wolf puppy wearing a top hat.  Photos by @artandrhinos