anonymous asked:

Top five styles of the Victorian era?

1. Soft bustles and pretty much anything from that era (1869-75). Except some of the excessive trimmings that were popular in certain times and places.

2. That 1870s thing where your hair is in a half-up style so big that your hat perches at a 45-degree angle on top. It’s like 95% false hair but damn, does it look amazing.

3. Pagoda sleeves. Yes, with the undersleeves included. I really, really love bell sleeves, as previously established, so this style is my everything.

4. Decorative knife pleats. So simple and yet so striking.

5. Artistic Reform gowns. Some of them could look kind of potato sack-ish and unflattering, but when you see things like Whistler’s “Symphony In White” or some of the more fitted, medieval-inspired extant pieces, it’s hard not to think they were onto something with the basic idea.