for sixpenceee, so my family renovates old buildings and sells them on. This is an old victorian hotel in Devon, England they’re currently working on. I took a bunch of pictures while I was staying overnight for my great grandmothers funeral wake. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was haunted, I did hear some strange creaking sounds I could have sworn were footsteps in the hallway that night. 


Conway Victorian NoCC (500 Follower Gift)

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30 x 20
Lot Price: 155,651 Furnished
(freerealestate on cheat recommended to move in your family)

Based on classic Victorian style houses seen on my recent travels through pretty New England, USA, this family home is ready to move into.
Spacious and opulent reception rooms occupy the ground floor with three bedrooms located on the upper floor.
The landscaped garden offers a pool, BBQ, play area and hot tub.

Packs Used:
Perfect Patio Stuff,
Spa Day,
Outdoor Retreat,
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Get To Work.
(NB If you don’t own a pack the game will replace items with something similar)

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