E tudo começou no dia em que fui ver o filme, e me apaixonei pelo elenco, pelo roteiro, pelas cenas, por cada detalhe. Agora começando o primeiro livro, eu percebo que isso está começando a virar uma parte de mim e que quando acabar eu vou querer mais, e mais. Também entendi que ser fã, significa amar toda a história e cada detalhe, tudo por completo. 

The hunger games, uma nova parte de mim.



top: ari, cj, jessica

bottom: victoria t, celia, victoria b

Until today (at least in Vancouver) the weather had tricked me into believing it’s summer. I broke out the shorts guys, this is kind of a big deal when you live in a cold, rainy Canadian city. I booked a camping trip for May long (this weekend up here, Victoria day, I kid you not!) which I will probably have to cancel due to the fact that it’s gon’ rain tomorrow.

Last year we had a similar situation, it was beautiful for about a week in May and then up until about mid August the weather sucked. WELL NOT THIS YEAR! Every single winter without fail I get the SADS and the only thing keeping a smile on my face is the knowedge that during July and August I will be complaining bitterly about the heat, and that makes me laugh in retrospect. What a silly thing to complain about.

Ari’s dress is from etsy, CJ’s top is from Zara, Jessica’s dress is from AllSaints, Victoria T’s dress is from Forever21, Celia’s dress is thrited, Victoria B.’s skirt is from Forever21.

- Victoria B.

Stuck In The Interior, BC a mix for Paige and everyone else that’s stuck in a shitty place they don’t want to be in by Victoria B.

1. some kind of cadwallader - alergnon cadwallader

2. steve buscemi - KEEL HER

3. ice and cigarettes - NUNCUNT

4. tea swamp park - nu sensae

5. dissthentic penetration - huggy bear

6. i don’t want to grow up - descendents

7. living for depression - flipper

8. what do you want me to do - pointed sticks

9. sour grapes - screaming females

10. dead south - YUNG MUMS

11. friday date - the throwaways

12. psychedelic high school - b-lines