The whole “sport is for males” ideology really drives me mad, especially when people think it’s acceptable to spread this to females on social media, aka the anon in my recent reblog.
You think we all watch it because the men are ‘attractive?’ Are you really that stupid?
We watch because we all have a genuine passion for the sport. We’re interested in F1 for drivers tactics, rivalries, how the first corner will turn out, how the podium will turn out and which drivers will crash out or crash into each other, etc etc.
But then, maybe the driver’s are attractive, what does this have to do with anything?
Are you telling us we can only like a sport if the men in it aren’t cute?
aka, you want us to watch the sport you’re in, anon?
Women like Rhonda Rousey and Victoria Pendleton amongst SO MANY OTHERS didn’t dedicate their lives to their sport just for men to claim that it’s “theirs”, and that to like sport you have to be attracted to the males in it.

Laura Trott
The double Olympic gold medallist says Victoria Pendleton was her cycling heroine but it was athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, who won gold in the 800m and 1500m at the 2004 Olympics, who really inspired her.

“I will never ever forget when she crossed the finish line and couldn’t believe that she’d won her second gold. I guess in a way, I’m following in her footsteps, which is nice, because I really did idolise her at the time.

"The more women’s role models we have the better. I was always quite sporty, so was going to be involved in sport.

"But for some young girls who are struggling, and don’t know whether to do it or not, to have people like Kelly Holmes, myself, Vicky out there, it’s so easy to feel like you can be part of their journey.”