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Meet Maria Borges: The First Model To Rock A Fro In The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

On the Importance of Debuting Her Natural Hair on the Victoria Secret Runway
I’m so happy because they let me keep the natural and the short hair [this year]. I’ll be the only one doing the show with my natural afro!

For me, it is huge! I’m glad I’m doing it, you know? And they chose me to make history. So I’m like–my smile everyday shows every tooth (laughs). This is more than an amazing, I have no words to explain. It’s so good for me and to be able to inspire the other girls everywhere as well!

On Whether She Always Embraced Her Natural Hair as a Model
No. I never [did it before]. Starting February of this year, I cut my hair and I’ve been wearing it like this since. Before, I was using my natural hair mixed with extensions. Black is beautiful! I have to embrace my worth and that’s it! For me I think I look more beautiful with short hair.
I feel sexy, beautiful and powerful. All the good things!

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