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I like to think that the information we’ve gotten about the american magical world comes entirely from outdated Hogwarts textbooks. like there’s a chapter in Hogwarts: a History on the wizarding school it inspired in america. and of course a bunch of it is exactly what happened…if you ignore everything that doesn’t make the old country look fabulous. Because of course the school based on Hogwarts,  founded by an Irish Immigrant, descendant of a Hogwarts founder would be the first and best and only decent wizarding school in America. Imagine teenage/early 20’s Hermione visiting the USA and realizing the chapter on Ilvermorney in “Hogwarts, a History” was  half entirely outdated and half colonial propaganda. like, she ’s in a room full of american wizards, and causally asks one which house she was in in Ilvermorny, and the other’s all, “oh, well, I actually didn’t go to Ilvermorny, I’m from Texas and I attended Nuestra Señora del los Milagros. Um…lesse, George and Ani both had after school programs, at least I know George was trained with the other magical children in his tribe, and I think Ani had a sort of cram school dojo thing she would port key to. Louise went to a magical school in New Orleans whose name I can’t pronounce right and which is pretty secretive, so you’d have to ask her about it. It definitely wasn’t one of your traditional English style boarding schools though. um, Saria is from Utah, and her no-maj school had free periods available for religious or magical studies during the school day. I think out of all of us only Sinjin and William went to Ilvermorny, but I think Sinjin was expelled for protesting the house names, fairly creatively I might add. Honestly it’s mostly upper class and traditional families that send their kids all the way to Ilvermorny nowadays, it’s just not that practical, even if you want a traditionally English magical education.”

Kylux Secret Satan 2016

PHEW! Gathered all the great work that emerged from my small gift exchange and put them all here! I feel incredibly blessed and humbled that people allowed me (a menace) to set them up to make stuff for randos! Huehuehue… Here they are and enjoy! Happy Holidays!


Backseat Gaming by @hexselenas
Blindfold by @xan-drei *
Bossy by @pixielovepunch *
Cheeky by @sparrows-trashcan *
Control Panel by @hxxxm *
Greaser by @weirywolf
Ice Skating by @inchells 
It’s Cold by @sigalawin 
LARP by @c-bulletaftermidnight *
Pet by @luoham *
Pinch by @chromedqueen *
Rebel by @lucskywalks
Scarf by @lworeve
Scientist and Cyborg by @curlygingerbird​ 
Shibari by @wingedicks *
Ventral Cannons by @letmeputitinyourbutt 
Weird Kid by @shehulks​ on twitter


A Night at the Bar by @gambriz *
Blockade Day by @nightsofllyn *
The Fleeting Year by @tlefighter
Home is a Feeling by @fel-as-in-tumbld
In Your Orbit by @donnagers *
Lost Time by @smolrebel

* indicates NSFW content

Happy holidays @shiny-shinx !! I’m your assigned @touhousecretsanta for this year! I admire your artstyle a lot so when i first saw it was you i was a bit nervous but also determinated in putting a lot of effort on this. Whenever i think of cute things a pairing could do, scarf-sharing is always on the top3 … i hope you like it too!

I hope you are having / will have a good holiday time!

Disco girl, coming through, that girl is you ♡

I’m 185% sure ‘Disco Girl’ would be ‘their song’ and no one can convince me otherwise
Get Some

Author: sara_holmes | Word Count: 75k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently afterthe war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Review: Oh wow this absolutely pulled me in, almost like a Harry Potter sequel but much more personal! It’s such an honest and real story about Harry and Draco and how the way the see each other develops, along with their relationship and their own characters. 

Harry’s frustration at everyone deferential treatment towards him feels almost visceral, and so plausible it almost makes you want to slap him the way Draco does at the beginning. Because we know, as well as Draco knows how very much Harry needs that reminder that he is a normal human being after all, and Harry in return reminds Draco to care about himself again. Harry coming to terms with his life post-war, his feelings towards Draco as well as his sexuality was so gradual, yet so sure - with Draco beside him his acceptance of these things become so easy.

There’s Hogwarts and the Gryffindors and Slytherins and lessons and everything else that lends a sense of this fic picking up from where Deathly Hallows left off *hysterically yells EWE???*. And it really is fantastic, how strong and true the friendship and love between Harry and his friends, as well as Draco and his friends is. 

Content/Warnings: Eighth Year, Secret Relationship, Some Harry/Ginny

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