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John Brown as the mastermind behind the Blue Sect and the recent sad events?

Disclaimer: Spoilers and long post. As such, this theory will initially be a little chronological to try and make the explanation simpler.
If any point is unclear, feel free to ask @thedarkestcrow or me about it as it is something we discussed together. :)

First of all, here’s what we know about the current arc (ch127 happens mid-November 1889):

  • Bravat (who’s most likely human) knew from the beginning that Ciel is the Watchdog (”Earl Phantomhive”), that Seb is a demon, that Lizzie is Ciel’s fiancée and that the Starlight Four committed crimes at Weston.
  • Bravat’s sect is at least one and a half year/two years old (ch125). However, seeing as there was no hint of massive blood collects and death before August/September 1889, we’ll assume for this theory that the 4 star lords were put in Bravat’s care at some point during Summer 1889, which is when Bravat started using the S4 to promote the Sphere music hall in order to collect as much blood as possible.
  • Othello said that, considering the anormal progress of the sect’s technology, a supernatural being is most likely behind it (ch119/ch125). This supernatural mastermind is very probably the reason Bravat knew about Sebastian being a demon (and about Lizzie and Ciel). 
  • While the reason tying Lizzie to the sect is still unclear, we’re going to assume for this theory that Bravat’s mention of her to Ciel (ch123) might mean that she’s seen as a possible hostage to use against him. 
  • Lastly, about the 2CT: it seems like it’s almost confirmed.
    • Lord Sirius being Ciel’s twin (aka Real!Ciel, a “bizarre doll”) is a popular theory
    • Agni’s reaction when he found the burnt picture of Ciel’s family (ch126) was quite telling that something was unexpected about this picture.

I hope all of this makes sense for you guys! Onto the theory about John Brown…

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I Pick You / Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

© Sharon Boswall

Woke up to a thermometer sitting at zero this morning after a few days where we hit upper 30sC with the Humidex.  Typical Montréal!  As we say – “if you don’t like the weather, stick around for five minutes”.  It’s the long Victoria Day weekend - or, as it is referred to here in la Belle Province,  “Journée des Patriotes”. I am not so much concerned about patriotes as I am about my patio pots and these little lovelies, along with the fab Felicia, are another favourite choice for blooms all through the summer – Osteospermum – such an unpretty name for someone with irresistible blue eyes like those – I much prefer Cape Marguerite.  Don’t you?

To those autistic persons/those who suffer from auditory processing disorder who might live in countries who observe Victoria Day (like me) and are upset by the fireworks being set off all weekend, I hope you’re able to tune out the fireworks if they’re sensory hell for you, I hope you’re happy, comforted and feeling safe.

Bex Mader, Victoria Smurfit, Jamie Murray Panel--OUAT Chicago 6/11/17

Bex, Victoria, Jaime

This question is for Bex.  You’ve played heroes, villains, and even a dominatrix.  Apart from Zelena, who was your favorite character to play? Charlotte from Lost.  Not only did Bex love the character, but they also filmed in Hawaii.

This question is for Victoria.  You’ve been on a lot of shows.  What was it like to kiss Katie McGrath on Dracula and who’s the more flirtations character, Cruella or Lady Weatherby?  Cruella is interested in everyone, but never really gets anywhere, whereas Lady Weatherby is basically completely depraved.  She talked about how she and Katie told the director to just let them go for it.  

This question is for Jaime.  Your character appears to be dead [Victoria broke in to say “all the best people are, darling, don’t worry]. What would she have done if she’d succeeded in her curse?  Rule the world, be evil, get her own way, the normal for a villain

Could the 3 of your ever be roommates, and what would happen if you were? Bex said that would be a perfect fairy tale sitcom spin off.

If you could have a dynamic duo with any villain from any season, who would it be? Bex answered that the villain mash up would be the three of them (Wicked Witch, Cruella and the Black Fairy).

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Mason (Part Three) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Part three is here! This is definitely going to be a mini series because there is so much I want to explore with this story! Thanks for all the supportive messages! It means a lot!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 4,853

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two]

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Hey all! Just a quick note saying I’ll be tabling at Tsukinocon in Victoria, BC all weekend starting tomorrow at table 22! Hopefully I’ll see some of you there! I have a TON of new stock, including more than enough Trudeau posters, stickers, sketchbooks, restock of Purity Anthology and more! Come by and say hi, I’ll be hanging out by myself beside my good friend Puglie Pug! <3


Pretty Please With a Bee on Top / Sage / Just By Chintz 

© Sharon Boswall

If there is one thing about my garden… there’s a lot of pink in it because, you know, pink is like red but not quite.  True story.  

Meantime, all the rain is certainly encouraging many things to poke their green little noses out of the ground.  Next weekend brings us to the long Victoria Day weekend and the official start of gardening season… usually by this time, all danger of frost has passed.  The markets, however, are already full of all manner of annuals and perennials and I am sure some folks got a head start this weekend despite the rain.  I might have been one of those folks… will not confirm or deny it… but, you know, just putting it out there for consideration.


A peak at Seoul’s version of NYC’s Highline (a.k.a. an elevated park on an old subway line in the middle of the city), a crazy EDM performance from DJ Koo where everyone from kids to old ladies were going WILD, and an exclusive clip of me rapping a Big Bang song at a coin noraebang!

Everyone into the pool! 💦

It’s the Victoria Day long weekend and our outdoor pool opens in three hours and six minutes. Woo hoo! Ever optimistic, I’m confident the air temperature will catch up to the water temperature long before I walk across the parking lot to unlock the pool gate. It’s -3℃ outside right now (26.6℉)…

Last one in is a frozen egg!

Typical Canadian swim cap