“Don’t Worry Me U. f(x) Will Return With A Better Image & A Better Song For Me U. You’ve Trusted Us These Past 7 Years, So Keep Trusting Us, Okay? We Love You. We Thought It Was The Right Thing To Do For Our Fans. Because The Members Have Such Active Promotions In China, Misunderstandings Arose. That Post Was Uploaded After Talking It Over With The Members. One Of The Members Even Said, ‘Do We Have To Post Something Like That, When We Know We’re Not Disbanding?’. But Since SNS Is A Personal Space, I Thought It I Should Be At Least Be Addressed One.” - Luna, f(x)

f(x) Reaction: Their GF meets their family and gets nervous



“Stop being nervous! I’ve already told my parents about you and they love you already”


“My family will love you, they already know I love you so they’ll have to love you”

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“Don’t worry jagi, my family will love you. I’ve already told them about you and they are so excited to finally meet you”

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*hugs you* “My parents will love you since I love you, don’t worry jagi”

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“I’m only introducing you to Jessica you don’t need to be so nervous. My sister will love you”

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