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Doutzen Dutch Interview: I translated it for you!

Doutzen: Well, at some point it is done for me. One day. I do enjoy this a lot, I find it great, but I also have a very beautiful life on the other side which I also appreciate. I have nothing to complain, so if it’s done, it’s done.
Interviewer: It didn’t already finish, right?
D: No, no, it is just going to start! I’m becoming 30! That’s the time it will just start!
I: But you will reach the ten, right?
D: I’m not sure. Who knows. It’s the same question every year. It will stay a surprise.
I: When will you know?
D: Well, there are a couple of conversations going on right now. Who knows. But I have showed what I got.
I: Doutzen Kroes, you’re a bit mysterious. There’s something going on.
D: Yeah, but there are other candidates who are on the lurk.
I: Oh, so you get to chose whether you want it or not?
D: Yes.
I: So they want you, but you have to decide whether you want it yourself?
D: Yeah, there are a couple of other lingerie brands that became interested in me after giving birth to my child, so who knows what will happen.
But I’m going to miss this show, if it should be like that. And you guys maybe as well, I hope.
Does that change the entire story? You’re quiet!
I: No, I thought I would be silent because I thought there was coming more.
D: No, I know that tric! 

I: If I could connect to what Doutzen just told us, she has five exclusive contracts: Victoria’s Secret, Samsung, Lóreal, Calvin Klein and Repeat Cashmere. Those are good contracts and mainly because of them she earned about 6 million last year. 
Agent: Where did you read that?
I: Yeah I’ve read that. Maybe even more?
A: I’m not going to tell you, but I find it very interesting.
I: We’re not going to talk about amounts, but more about the idea. You’ve done Victoria’s Secret and you obviously are going to talk with each other -maybe even before- about whether it’s still good enough or to do something else. I heard there still was some doubt. Maybe even the decision. 
What would be the most important reason to stay to Victoria’s Secret ‘Alright, we are very happy with you, but we are going to go on anyway.’?
A: Well, sometimes you have to stop when you’re at the top.
I: That would be a decent reason.
A: I think that’s a top reason.
I: Yeah, would that be the advice you would give her?
A: Well, we’ve been talking a lot together, so the decision has already been made. 
I: So I could actually say there’s the news that Doutzen will walk the show for the last time?
A: This is going to be a very exciting year.
D: But we’ve actually have done every… well, we have so much contact. We’ve been talking about things like 'should we go on, are there new things?’. There have been other candidates for years now…’
A: Yes, and things have changed because she has a family now. Decisions career wise. Not only Vicotria’s Secret, but her life has been changed. Then you will look at things differently.

xxx Frederieke / rosyboho :)