victoria rivers


Rainbow over Victoria Falls


Helicopter view of Victoria Falls and surrounding area with bridge

Looking for snail mail witches!
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Name: Erin

Age: 27

Location: Victoria, Australia. 

Craft: Pretty broad. Kitchen witch, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, solitary witch, to name a few. 

Likes: Rivers, lakes, the beach, trees, dogs, history, winter, cold weather. Harry Potter, horror movies. Cooking, baking, tea. Wombats and dingoes.

Dislikes: Summer and hot weather.

Fun facts: I work part time at three jobs: one at a wildlife park where I get to hang out with kangaroos all day, one as a ghost tour guide at an abandoned convict prison and one at a clothing store. 

What I’m looking for: I’m interested mostly in snail mail, but email is fine until we know if we’re compatible. I’d love someone who walks a different path to my own to learn from, and to offer a different perspective. Someone who might like to swap things, and who writes long letters, or doesn’t mind reading my super-long letters. No age preference, just adults please. Otherwise, any location, any gender!

You can contact me at @mooninarieswitch or at


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but especially this one. it even has talk in actual parliamentary houses.