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Dani Alvès organized a dinner on Wednesday with ALL the players of the Pairs Saint-Germain, and they ALL came. The dinner took place at Victoria Paris, a restaurant placed in XVIe arrondissement. According to L’Equipe and Le Parisien, Neymar apologized towards Cavani and the team for his behavior during and after the match against Lyon. Earlier, Emery said that he’ll tell Cavani and Neymar who will shoot the penalty and that they will take a decision together. Of course, this information is to be taken with a grain of salt. 

Here, a picture of Pastore in front of The Victoria yesterday.

Just finished How I Met Your Mother and I thought I'd make a list of all the similarities. (Feel free to add some you noticed)
  • Chandler/Monica/Rachel apartment situation: Ted/Lily/Marshall apartment situation.
  • Chandler/Joey: Ted/Barney
  • Ross/Rachel: Ted/Robin
  • Ross/Rachel: Lily/Marshall
  • Chandler/Monica: Lily/Marshall
  • Ross/Chandler: Ted/Marshall
  • Rachel vs Julie: Robin vs Victoria
  • Monica's embarrassing restaurant job: Lily's embarrassing restaurant job
  • Chandler and Monica almost getting married in Vegas: Lily and Marshall almost getting married in Atlantic City.
  • "Romantic or Crazy?": "Weird or Courageous?"
  • Joey and Chandler as Ross's co-best men: Ted and Barney as Marshall's co-best men.
  • Chandler and Monica's no sex-pact: Marshall and Lily's no sex-pact
  • Joey officiating Chandler and Monica's wedding: Barney officiating Marshall and Lily's wedding
  • Ross vs Paolo: Ted vs Gael
  • Joey falling for Rachel: Barney falling for Robin
  • Rachel/Ross back up marriage agreement: Robin/Ted back up marriage agreement
  • Ross becomes a professor of paleontology: Ted becomes a professor of architecture
  • Chandler's smoking problem: Robin/Ted/Barney/Lily/Marshall's smoking problem (they really tried to get away with this)
  • Ross dates a student: Ted dates a student
  • Ross's love for marriage: Ted's love for marriage
  • How much Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica tell each other: How much Robin and Lily tell each other
  • Phoebe's therapist boyfriend over-analyzing her friends: Robin's therapist boyfriend over-analyzing her friends
  • Rachel vs Ross on who's happier in their new relationship: Robin vs Ted on who's happier in their new relationship
  • Everyone fighting over who gets Emma if Rachel and Ross die: Everyone fighting over who gets Marvin if Lily and Marshall die
  • Ross dating a 20 year old: Ted dating a 20 year old
  • Joey tries to force his sister to get married: Barney tries to force his sister to get married
  • Rachel almost moving at the end: Ted almost moving at the end
Sweet (Chris Evans x Reader)

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Part 2 of ‘Sugar. Victoria and Chris hit it off on their first official date.

A/N: You all thought this was going to be a standard Chris fic? Oh no, darlings. This is closer to a thriller than a happily ever after romance. I’m going to be sat here laughing evilly with each chapter. 

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Fast Food Restaurant

Victoria BC, Canada

To start off, I used to work at a an EXTREMELY well known fast food restaurant. We had many regular customers, many of them were people who were poor and living on the street. Most of them were very pleasant. There was one man who always came in to get his “Carbonated Water” which we gladly gave him. Water is free :) We got to know one another over the course of time I worked there, and he got to see me deal with many of the rude customers. One day he came up to me and asked for some paper. Not having any I pulled some out of the receipt machine and gave it to him. At the end of the day he came up to me and  read out to me what seemed to be a sonnet in my name, along with a lavish bow at the end. It’s been 7 years later and I still have that receipt paper with said sonnet on it.

(My name) The (Company Name) Burger Queen

An angelic miss, with the heart of gold, sharing the secrets of (Company name) untold.

She serves burgers and fries to all the customers, girls and guys.

And tells no lies. Dodging flies, spies, and loud customer’s cries.

She has the beauty of a movie star, but she doesn’t hang out in a dumpy car.

A loving mother, worker, like no other.  She is a friend of everyone and the people who push carts.

But not to anyone who breaks peoples hearts.

She has the heart and ambition to feed a nation, and she always likes to cause a sensation.

But if this (My Name) ever leaves the burger stand, everyone’s cries will be heard through the land.

Good job always.

The Carbon Water Poet.