victoria restaurant

Victoria had slipped on a tight fitting black dress and pair of red heels to go with it. She knew that this dress would possibly be a tease for Ashby, sensing that her curves showed perfectly. Her hair was curled and she was a happy woman. It was no doubt that since they were going on this date, that tonight could end horribly. They were going on their first date in a while and it was great. “I’m so excited.” She whispered as she looked in the mirror. It wasn’t long before she was in the car with Ashby and making their way to a fine dining restaurant.

Victoria was glad that they were able to afford something like this. It was nice knowing that they didn’t have to worrying about having enough money for the bill or even, seeing if they had to cut what they wanted to eat. It was something completely new and she felt amazing. Looking over at Ash, she smiled.