victoria perez

You were made from layers of the earth.
Your lips are a softer pink
Than the clouds at sunset,
And still your shoulders curve
The way the moon does
As it wanes away.
Speak like your voice has the power to make walls crumble.
Because it does.
—  Victoria Perez

This is me loving you
This is me slipping flowers into your pockets
Smiling, and singing your name.
This is me, eyes closed and arms open
In the warm rain
In a dripping yellow dress
Quietly whispering yes

This is me leaning into you
Moving at different times
We are almost dancing
Laughing from our bellies

This is me kissing your knuckles
Calling you home to the honey suckles
Just to hear you say,
Ah, this is me loving you.

—  Victoria Perez Let Me Show You How I Love (2/30)

Chris Perez - Best I Can | Victoria, TX (May 2, 2015) ©


Buzzfeed’s 17 Badass Women of 2015

10 of those badass women are pictured here

1. Niloofar Rahmani, Afghanistan’s first female pilot to serve in the air force since the fall of the Taliban.

2. Kubra Khademi, who walked through the streets of Kabul wearing metal armour to protest against the harassment and assault women endure on a daily basis.

3. Actress and comedian Cecily Strong, who stood up for women’s rights to a room full of politicians with this joke.

4. The Black Mambas, the world’s first all-female anti-poaching patrol unit

5. Jasmin Golubovska, who decided to apply her lipstick and kiss a police shield during a protest against police brutality in Macedonia.

6. Nineteen-year-old athlete Dina Asher-Smith, who made history by becoming the first British woman to break the 100 metres 11-second barrier

7. Politician Victoria Donda Perez, who breastfed her daughter while taking part in a parliamentary hearing.

8. All the scientists who used social media to challenge gender stereotypes and stand up to sexism

9. Mariah Idrissi, the 23-year-old model who became the first Muslim model in a hijab for H&M

10. Russia’s first all-female team of scientists bound for infinity and beyond

Not pictured include:

The 57 schoolgirls who escaped Boko Haram, and then later returned to school

The girls who demanded Marvel include more female superheroes in their merchandise

The 100+ year old German woman who earned her doctorate after Nazi’s stopped her first attempts

Thousands of women and girls of Argentina who protested against the killing of women in their country

The Syrian refugee girl’s football team who continue to play in spite of war

Tu Youyou, the first Chinese woman to win a Nobel Prize for medicine, despite not having a degree or a PhD

Nompendulo Mkhatshwa, one of the student leaders at the forefront of the #FeesMustFall protests in South Africa