victoria perez

You were made from layers of the earth.
Your lips are a softer pink
Than the clouds at sunset,
And still your shoulders curve
The way the moon does
As it wanes away.
Speak like your voice has the power to make walls crumble.
Because it does.
—  Victoria Perez

This is me loving you
This is me slipping flowers into your pockets
Smiling, and singing your name.
This is me, eyes closed and arms open
In the warm rain
In a dripping yellow dress
Quietly whispering yes

This is me leaning into you
Moving at different times
We are almost dancing
Laughing from our bellies

This is me kissing your knuckles
Calling you home to the honey suckles
Just to hear you say,
Ah, this is me loving you.

—  Victoria Perez Let Me Show You How I Love (2/30)

Chris Perez - Best I Can | Victoria, TX (May 2, 2015) ©