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Romee Strijd walks the runway at the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show on February 8, 2017 in Venice, California


gracevcox I can’t wink!! Looks like I am freakin wincing but happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!! 

the actress for veronica in the heathers reboot posted this and Holy Shit

san diego’s home for children, part 1

the au in which mike lawson is the owner of san diego’s home for children and ginny baker is the newest padre pitcher who needs an image boost. on the request of her agent, ginny makes an appearance at the sd home for children.

Ginny Baker is told by her agent she has an image issue. She’s tough and strong and breaking barriers, but there’s a reason she can’t land Victoria’s Secret: she’s not soft enough.

Before she can get started on how ridiculous it is that she’s being asked to be soft in the first place (”I’m an athlete, not Martha Stewart, Amelia!”), her agent is holding her hand up, stopping her, “I don’t like it either. You’ve got enough money coming at you with Nike and Wilson, but I think this could open doors for you, Ginny.“ 

Ginny can hear her father in the back of her mind, “Screw ‘em. All you need is a ball and a glove, anyhow.” But there’s something in her, something that quietly been whispering in her heart that she’s ungainly and ugly and too masculine for a woman….

It’s the idea that she could try on softness for a day or two; try on femininity and see how it fits–if it fits. She agrees with a huff and crosses her arms over her chest, "So what do I need to do? Save some puppies? Food drive? What?" 

Amelia ignores her, pleased that she didn’t have to fight her client too hard. "An old friend of mine,” and from the way she says friend, Ginny knows she means ex-boyfriend, “runs a children’s home in downtown San Diego. I figure with the holidays coming up, you show up, hand out some toys, bring awareness to the need for adoption and supporting these kinda of homes, and maybe play a game or two of backyard baseball with the kids and then you’re done.“ 

 Ginny knows that even though she phrases it like a question, her voice lilting upwards, Amelia has already set it up. 

"Fine. I’m in. So who’s this mystery friend?" 

Amelia waves her off, "Just a guy I knew in college. His name’s Mike Lawson. Total asshole, but he’s got a good heart." 

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Romee Strijd walks the runway at the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show on February 8, 2017 in Venice, California

No One Sleeps in Tokyo


The last few weeks of Victoria’s recovery period were quickly approaching. Her counseling had been deemed a success and there had been a very noticeable improvement in Victoria’s overall physical and mental health.  To celebrate, John had surprised her with a two week trip to Japan; just the two of them.  For the first time in a long time, Victoria was happy to say that she was finally looking forward to something.

John had left a few days before her.  He wouldn’t tell her why.  Only that “it was a surprise” once they got to the hotel.  The long flight to Tokyo was boring and uneventful all by herself.  She was disappointed that John couldn’t be on the plane with her, but she knew it would be worth it once she gets there.

Several hours later, her plane lands at the Henada Airport.  Once the plane lands, she sends John a text:

[txt mgs] Victoria: My plane just landed.  I will see you soon!