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VSFS 2016 - Review

As i do every year, i decided to write a review for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was held in Paris for the first time this year. Paris, the angels, the wings, the music…magical. So, let’s get started:

  • The Road Ahead - The first segment of the show was Road Ahead, which was a great choice in my opinion. The colors, the theme, the excitement of the segment just grabs you right into the show. Elsa Hosk did an amazing job during her first opening but i wish, she had another outfit rather than those “dragon wings” if they were even wings in the first place. 

Maria Borges, almost had the same wings she did last year in the Fireworks section. I wish, they wouldn’t give her those wings two years in a row.

Kendall Jenner got her very first pair of wings in this segment. Well, congratulations to her but i wish, while the official spokesmodels, who are Angels, were getting smaller wings, Kendall wouldn’t get these bigger ones.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s closing was awesome. Love, love, looove her! Loved her wings, her outfit and everything.

  • Mountain Romance - The second segment was opened by Josephine Skriver. This was her first opening and her first pair of wings. I was already so happy that she became an angel this year and that she got her wings and i got even happier when she opened the segment. She slayed her first opening. 

Not that i don’t love Lily Aldridge, cause i love her so much, but i wish she could have improved her walk after all these years of being an angel.

Yeah, Izabel Goulart, thanks for the hair flip for the millionth time.

Stella Maxwell might be the only angel that i could never understand the reason why she became one in the first place. Maybe it was because of Lady Gaga trying to interact with her, but her pose was kind of awkward.

Speaking of which, i wish Lady Gaga was not hugging Flavia Lucini at the end of the runway so that she could have done a proper pose for the cameras. Poor Flavia…

  • PINK Nation - Thank God, most of the newcomers was walking for PINK. The only thing i’m going to say about this segment is that Grace Elizabeth’s opening was so good. Loved her walk, loved her pose and her energy. Her wings were so beautiful, too! Good idea, making her a PINK spokesmodel. She’s much better than Rachel Hilbert on the runway.

My favorite newcomer in this segment is definitely Lameka Fox, though. Wish she was walking for other segments, too.

  • Secret Angel - The segment was opened by Adriana Lima and the queen was just being the queen, as always. I have no words to explain how amazing she was, a true bombshell. 

Bella Hadid…i really thought that she might be better than Gigi (i don’t know why) but she wasn’t. I’ve never seen a model in the VS history who seemed more unpleasant and uncomfortable and everything negative. She might be happy deep down but i wish, we could have seen more of that “happiness.” I know, she was walking in the same segment with her “ex-boyfriend” but that was not so professional of her.

Irina Shayk’s first time on the VSFS runway, yeaayy! She is pregnant and she rocked her outfit, rocked that runway. Congrats on both her baby and her VSFS debut.

Sara Sampaio’s wings in this segment is one of my favorite wings of the show. So dramatic, so beautiful. She did amazing job closing the segment.

  • Dark Angel - Opened by Taylor Hill. So glad that she opened another segment after last year’s PINK USA opening, which i loved so much. Her energy is so high that she’s perfect for openings.

Gigi Hadid looked so good in this segment, to be honest. Her wings were so beautiful & it’s obvious that she improved herself after last year.

I’m so sorry Kendall Jenner fans but to me, she still doesn’t fit the VSFS runway. She hasn’t got the bombshell vibe.

Kate Grigorieva looked stunning! Love her walk, love her everything. I wish, she was still an angel instead of Stella Maxwell.

  • Bright Night Angel - Closing segment, opened by Stella Maxwell who made some weird things with her arms while walking and then in the end, did something weird with her fingers & her lips that i really couldn’t understand. Anyways, i wish the segment was either opened or closed by Jasmine Tookes as she was wearing the Bright Night Fantasy Bra. Still, she was amazing! Loved her fantasy bra, loved the body chains. Jasmine’s walk is always so good and she rocked her moment of fantasy bra.

Another unhappy Bella Hadid pose.

One of my favorite outfits of the show is in this segment; Lily Donaldson’s outfit & wings. She looked so great and i love seeing her on this runway.

Josephine Skriver wearing the Swarovski look was just “woaah”. She looked so great, she deserved everything she got in this year’s fashion show. Another congrats!

  • Other comments:

Never watched a VSFS before that i loved all of the performers! Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd all did amazing & were so suitable for their segments.

I love it when the show goes to other cities, it gives a special excitement to the show. 

I wish, there were the intro in which the angel line up was being listed & i really do like the titles of the segments being written and i want it back.