victoria drug scene

V D S 1

by Various Artists, Cougar Flashy, Hawkins, girl mountain,marc pearson, sam wallman, simon hanselmann, d.c.mahler,grant gronewold, and m.p.fikaris

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“The first issue of Simon Hanselmann’s new quarterly anthology of "gold standard” Australian comics.

Highlights include: 9 pages of new Megg, Mogg and Owl material, a long 12 page therapy-adventure comic by HTML Flowers, new work from Lashna Tuschewski (Jr Blue), a fantastic new “Mr Ray” comic by Marc Pearson, a new “Boyfriend” story by Michael Hawkins + new work from Katie Parrish, Dave C Mahler, M P Fikaris & Dan Cross, Emma Songdahl, Elliot Lamb, Magic Sweater, Sam Wallman and special international guest Josephine Mairead King Edwards.

76 pages. B&W. Shit xerox. Limited to 200 numbered copies with hand-painted cover detail.“