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I worked with my Red Queen Coloring Book part II

Elara’s dress was a drag, but it was worth it. While colouring, I’ve noticed that the boy on the second pic is probably not supposed to be Maven (his clothes are ragged), but he looks neither like Kilorn or Tristan in the other pics, and I launch into every Maven pic where he doesn’t look like old Brad Pitt.

I paid a lot of attention to Farley’s scarf. Unfortunately, the colours aren’t so intense here -.-

(I try to show Mare’s earrings, but they’re difficult to see on a photo)

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Happy international women’s day 2016!

You think I enjoy seeing you like this?” he murmurs. “You think I want to keep you a prisoner?” Something hitches in his breath. “It’s the only way you’ll stay with me.
—  Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage (p.278)
You’re like Thomas was. You are the only person I care about, the only person who reminds me I am alive. Not empty. And not alone.
—  Victoria Aveyard, King’s Cage (p.280)
Just a little reminder...

Maven’s mother went inside Maven’s mind and made him stand and walk till he cried as a kid, since he was a late walker as a child. I mean I know I wouldn’t be emotionally scarred. Forcing children to walk to no biggie, really.