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Victoria Trevelyan - Assassin Rogue

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I really really wanted to play through a full game with a human female sporting the new pixie sidecut and didn’t want to play another mage (not the biggest mage fan), so I decided to restart Victoria as a dual-dagger rogue (Assassin). Her backstory is that she’s all about advancing house Trevelyan, and that she’s a family operative and does the dirty work. Again, her face was a request for an Eva Green lookalike. I’ve also swapped out my brow, makeup, and eye mod.

Victoria only cares about power and the advancement of her house. Who really knows why she was at the Conclave? Was it just to spy, or did she have other, more sinister orders? The Trevelyans have been pulling political strings behind the scenes for hundreds of years and have a very dark (and bloody) history. They could put the Antivans to shame.

What will she do now that her original plans were interrupted and she’s had to resort to Plan B? She’s found herself in the most unlikely position, and now has the opportunity to shape the world as she sees fit.