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Victoria Trevelyan - Assassin Rogue

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I really really wanted to play through a full game with a human female sporting the new pixie sidecut and didn’t want to play another mage (not the biggest mage fan), so I decided to restart Victoria as a dual-dagger rogue (Assassin). Her backstory is that she’s all about advancing house Trevelyan, and that she’s a family operative and does the dirty work. Again, her face was a request for an Eva Green lookalike. I’ve also swapped out my brow, makeup, and eye mod.

Victoria only cares about power and the advancement of her house. Who really knows why she was at the Conclave? Was it just to spy, or did she have other, more sinister orders? The Trevelyans have been pulling political strings behind the scenes for hundreds of years and have a very dark (and bloody) history. They could put the Antivans to shame.

What will she do now that her original plans were interrupted and she’s had to resort to Plan B? She’s found herself in the most unlikely position, and now has the opportunity to shape the world as she sees fit.  

‘Victoria and Max flirting in photography class without realising what they’re doing, but everyone around them finding it super cute.’ Thanks to holyfuckabear for this prompt!
This is goddamned awful. If Max had known this would’ve happened, she wouldn’t have bothered coming into class. She can’t even rewind, the class has progressed too far and she knows Jefferson wouldn’t let her leave. So, now she’s stuck with Victoria Chase as a partner… For modelling, of all things. Max still isn’t over what Kate tried to do, still isn’t over that Victoria played a huge part in that, but what else can she do other than to grit her teeth and get on with it? Wait. Max could walk out of class. Which is tempting, but no. It’s not worth the added hassle.

Maybe Jefferson should’ve taken into consideration that the school bully and her victim may not work together so well. It takes approximately two minutes for them to start bickering.
‘God Max, why can’t you wear normal clothes? Thrift shopping doesn’t make anyone look attractive.’ Victoria’s tone is somewhat lacking in venom, still totally transfixed on taking pictures, and do they really have to take these pictures in class? At least Victoria would humiliate her in private.

'Hey, what’s your problem? After all of this, after everything that’s went on, does the effect of your actions really not fucking sink in?’ Max’s voice is a whisper, but it still captures how fucking angry she is. Victoria grits her teeth and oh shit. Maybe she should rewind, but fuck, the queen bee has had this coming.
'Maybe you’re my problem, hipster.’ She’s obviously avoiding the other question, and it makes Max raise an eyebrow. The Victoria she knows would totally deflect this question, blame what happened on Kate just being fucked up. Which makes Max kind of glad she avoided that one. She would’ve probably hit Victoria if she pulled that crap.

'Oh, so you’re just dealing with gay feelings then?’ Max really didn’t know what possessed her to say that. And she didn’t really want to push the other issue. This is probably Chloe’s influence. Victoria’s face goes an interesting shade of pink, before biting out,
'I bet you’d like that, Caulfield.’ Max was going to rewind, but this is just too good to resist. She actually has Victoria on the ropes, for once.
'Maybe I would. It’s better than you just being a dick.’
'Whatever, Caulfield. Keep looking like that and tilt your head to the right.’ Max sighs, yet does what she’s told. This is art, after all.

'Perfect.’ Victoria mutters to herself, probably without meaning to.
'I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about anyone.’
'I was talking about the shot.’ She says, far too quickly and Max finds herself grinning. Fuck, between Chloe’s influence and the time travel powers, she feels mildly invincible. Like it doesn’t matter what she says, because what can this bully do to her? After Kate, she’s beyond caring.
'Sure you were.’
'Shut up.’
'Make me.’ Nice job, Max. What are you? Twelve?
'Maybe I will, hippie. Maybe I will.’ Her voice is a low growl, and then the implication of what she said sinks in. Both of the girls look at each other, in stunned silence, their faces heating up and laughter coming from Max’s left makes her very aware of the fact that everyone was listening.

'Well, if Victoria and Max are done with their lovers quarrel, can we all get on with some actual work?’ Mr. Jefferson says, a smirk on his face and Max can literally see Victoria bristle. It looks like she wants to say something, a snappy retort, a denial, anything, but thinks the better of it. Her cheeks are stained red, and admittedly, it’s a really fucking good look on her. Without really thinking too much about it, she raises her camera and takes a picture. It’ll be good for the portfolio, especially with how the light turns Victoria’s eyes to a honey colour, and the redness of her face makes for an endearing picture (not like Max would never admit that out loud, anyway).

She shakes the Polaroid almost lazily, admiring the shot for a second. Victoria is glaring daggers at her and Max takes a second to glance around her to avoid her gaze. The whole class is fixated on them. Taylor’s brows are furrowed in confusion but everyone else is grinning like they just won the fucking lottery or something. Someone even sighs dreamily and oh fuck, do they think that- no. Her and Victoria are just… No. That’s like Joker and Batman hooking up. Stupid and dangerous. Victoria, who obviously can’t take the awkwardness of this situation anymore, simply stands up and struts out. The blonde tries to play it cool, despite how flustered she looks and Max is horrified that she finds it cute. There’s only five, horribly long and cripplingly awkward minutes left of the lesson to endure, anyway.

(She doesn’t spend those minutes thinking of Victoria, nope, not at all).