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{Revolution are the Locomotives of History}{Karl-Marx}
{A Tribute from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate}
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After Nina packed her stuff for the weekend, they traveled to Ian’s place in San Myshuno. When they arrived at the apartment, the door was already unlocked so Riley and Nina just went in. In the middle of the room, there stood a lady…

Riley: “Umm, hello? Ian?”
???: “Oh good.. IAN, THE MAID IS FINALLY HERE! …YOU! You’re late! We were just about to leave. And it’s Mr. Varner to you. Mind your tongue.”
Riley: “…I’m not your maid. Sorry.”
???: “No? Then get the hell out of this apartment.”
Riley: “Umm, we’re here for Ian. We aren’t going anywhere..”


- And what is this fair beauty’s name?
- She’s sort of named after you, Doctor.
- I beg your pardon?
- Say hello to Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.

f(x) reaction to: their partner teasing them

Victoria: She’d look at you with her eyebrows raised, shotting you her bedroom eyes. She wouldn’t remove your hands, but instead get back at you, thinking ‘Two can play this game’ 

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Amber: She’d be surprised at first, becoming a little bit blushy and bashful, looking at you with wide eyes, before smirking a lil bit and enjoying it, but first making sure no one was looking. 

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Luna: Blushy lil baby, her eyes widening when she saw you dancing sexily, realizing what you were doing when you made eye contact. After awhile, she’d try to enjoy herself, but before making sure no one else was giving you looks, becoming a protective baby as well. 

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Sulli: Sexy Sulli: Activated. She’d be like Victoria, teasing you right back with her eyes, slowly stroking your thighs as well. She;d be smirking all the time too, acting cocky, further more teasing you. 

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Krystal: She’d be surprised at first like Amber, her cheeks going a rosy colour, before smirking and teasing you back, her fingertips ghosting your thighs. 

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