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New frogs! Presenting Beepers, Qubit, and Sweet Clyde

They are southern leaf green tree frogs (Litoria nudidigita) found in east Victoria and up the coast of NSW to Sydney. This species was relatively recently split from the very similar L. phyllochroa.

These small frogs breed in rocky streams and prefer cooler climates. They have a sweet two-part call and can change colour from dark green-brown to bright light green depending on mood, exposure and temperature.


Here by Carrie Cole
Via Flickr:
Anderson HIll, Victoria, BC

5 amazing glow in the dark creatures.

I Recently read About these amazing glow in the dark creatures in the newspapers and thought it was worth sharing

1.  Saprobe Panellus Stipticus, Fungi:

Found in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, the bioluminesence emitted by the Saprobe fungi tht grows on decaying wood is called Foxfire (not fiefox).Also called fairy fire, it emits green light.

2. Firefly Squid (Watasenia Scintillans):

Japan’s tiny “Firefly” squid emits a blue bioluminescence. These emissions allow the firefly squid to communicate with other members of its species, warning them of predators and to lure fish into its bait.

3.  Glowworms:

Found in the Caverns of New Zealand and Australia, glowworms not only emit light to attract prey, but drop sticky silken thread from cave ceilings. This thread creates a cool visual effect similar to looking at the stars on a clear night.

4. Crystal Jelly ( Aequorea Victoria):

Found off the coast of North America, Crystal Jelly amits a green-blue glow with over 100 tiny, light-producing organs surrounding the body. It is collected for its luminiscent photo-proteins which are used as bio-markers in research studies on genes and to detect calcium.

5. Dinoflagellates

Found in both fresh and salt water, Dinoflagellates can produce a brilliant bioluminescence. When they are disturbed, either naturally or by man-made waves(boats, swimmers, fishermen) the water surface lights up with a beautiful blue glow.

Pretty amazing-nature Huh?…