victoria azarenka


Favorite WTA Campaign: STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL (2011)

     Strong is born from the obstacles you overcome. It is what you become when the thing you thought would kill you don’t. It is being the master of your own identity. It is knowing that you alone has the power to define your destiny.
     Strong is knowing your limits, and then ignoring them completely. It is changing the definition of what’s possible by regularly doing the impossible. It is owning the game without letting the game own you.
     Strong is measuring the depth of your passion for life. Strong is beautiful.


                                    A fortnight of green and purple.
                                    Of pure athleticism played in white.

                                    Tradition, timeless, immortal… Wimbledon.


Monday was Victoria Day (yes, New Yorkers, that’s why there are so many Canadians in the city rn) so here is our ~ode to all our fave Vicky’s thru the ages 

1. Royal Highness ~*Victoria Beckam*~ 

2. Victoria Gotti - author of our lives

3.  Victoria Justice (YAASS KWEEEN)

4. Victoria Jackson erryone’s fave plot twist 

5. Victoria Azarenka the dopest tennis playa 

6. who wore it better Queen Vicky or Emily Blunt as Queen Vicky?  honestly idk bc all hail both amirite 

7. How many of u know the fun fact that resident 90210 babe Tori Spelling’s birth name is Victoria (truth bomb) 

8. songwriter // resident earth angel Vikki Carr 

9. Victoria Crawford aka Alicia Fox WWE Total Diva’s Extraordinaire omg

10. and finally Victoria Komova whose power scares us.