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i’m just going to pretend that the Queen said to the Midfords that because this Blue Hall business had high ranking military/nobles involved, that they needed to wait for Ciel to resolve it, because everything had to be under-covered, and they, the Knights, couldn’t get involved and risk the reputation of the kingdom. 

So that’s why Frances and her husband were being useless pieces of shit, totally OoC as how we know them.

That’s what I have decided.


“ We’re moving on. But just because we’re leaving, and that hurts, there are some people who are so much a part of us they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our north star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us. Always. “

Random observations about the blue sect arc

Rereading the arc, so just a few things to maybe ponder on or a few possibly interesting details. 

  • The Queen visiting Sieglinde

A little mention towards the war subplot: the Queen is still all about using Sieglinde in her war against Germany.
I already said once before that I think she definitely knows Ciel got rid of the “SULIN”, so she most certainly visits Sieglinde because she intends on getting her trust until Sieglinde won’t be able to refuse creating some stuff for Victoria, or something similar.

The Queen is clever and dangerous. Not that it’s anything new.

  • People of influence being patrons of the Sphere music hall, a link with Alexis Midford?

I think everyone already pondered about Alexis and Frances’ absence since the beginning of the arc because it’s been probably one month and a half since Lizzie ran away from home.
So plot convenience or not, I’m wondering if there could be a link between their absence and a good number of Lords being involved with the Sphere music hall?

Alexis is the leader of the Knight Order after all and I’m guessing many Lords are Knights. Ciel himself received something from him when he got his title of Earl from the Queen…

This is a theory we discussed at the beginning of the arc with @darkspellmaster, so all that to say that maybe Alexis, as the Head Knight, will have a role to play in regards to what’s going on within the Sphere music hall and maybe that’s why Yana didn’t mention either him or Frances ever since the beginning of the arc.

  • The S4 only want to atone for their sins by making people happy

I don’t know how Bravat got to meet with the S4 (if UT is involved, maybe through the “pact” the S4 made with UT when they killed Derrick and co) but it’s obvious that he is using their regrets and wishes to atone for their crimes to manipulate them as his pawns.

I don’t know if the S4 told him what they did and he gave them a new purpose, or if he “knew in advance” like for Lizzie, Ciel and Sebastian (in that case, the person who told him all that about those seven characters is someone who knew all of them, and then again UT is the most likely possibility), but it’s really sad that the S4 only want to make people happy and don’t seem to notice (Violet aside probably) how they will follow Bravat if he falls.

I wish the F5 could maybe talk with them, but as this point, I doubt they’d listen, because they’re too enthralled by Bravat.

  • Why Nina as the Sphere music hall’s taylor?

Why the enthusiasm? I mean, I think Nina is indeed extremely talented but since she’d have initially refused, how come they only wanted her?

Because she’s innovative and not so traditional? 
Because of plot convenience so Ciel would have one way of getting info because Nina’s family knows about the Phantomhives’ duty? 
Because of… another reason?


  • Lizzie’s different outifts

I know many people wrote about Lizzie’s different outfits, but I just find interesting how those two panels are just completely the opposite to one another: ribbons, earrings, gloves, bracelet vs no bracelet, swords, simple dress vs an elegant one (that is also different from what she usually wears as well)… 

I wonder why sometimes she wears the simple dress (when she goes giving her blood for example) and why she wore the elegant one as well as all her other accessories when she fought Sebastian. 

We can also wonder why she’s barefoot in the middle of the day (for example when she goes to see Ciel in ch113 as he’s asleep and giving his blood) and what she even does of her days at the Sphere music hall in the first place.

It’s obvious she isn’t like the S4 or the other people welcoming the guests giving their blood and, as I was saying, since she often was wearing the dress on the left during the middle of the day, she’s not always carrying her swords around…

We still have quite the huge mystery on her side of the subplot, huh… 

  • Ciel as a great businessman

This one is more of an ascertainment that if Ciel hadn’t gone through… well, everything that he went through, he would have probably been all about business during his life, because he seems to completely enjoy this (and he does understand customers well).

I just find this cute when he’s so passionate. No need to wonder why the Funtom corporation (his company, that he created after becoming Earl Phantomhive) works so well, it’s not just sheer luck.


I wouldn’t have Castle be sent off in any other way than in the cliffhanger, close to the end, heart racing, emotional roller coaster ride we’ve come to love it for in the last 8 years. With a surprise ending twist that threw fans off the ledge and quickly pulled them back up before landing on any jagged rocks of sorrow and fury lol. Crossfire also took me back to the moments of Kate’s previous and severe brushes with death dealing with Bracken and Vulcan. All and all thank you for 8 years of complete awesomeness, coupled with a wonderful ending. Caskett have little caskettes (Lily, Jake, and Reece)   running around making toasts ! Life is wonderful at the house of Caskett. The end.

Castle changed my life.

I’ve met so many life long friends and have so many wonderful memories. Thanks for 8 seasons of Castle, I’m proud to be your fan. Alwasy and forever in my heart ❤️

You’ll be missed!