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Could you do a reaction to their s/o proposing to them? Thank you

f(x) reacting to: Their s/o proposing to them!

Waaah it got longer than expected :D I hope you enjoy it! 

Krystal: You’ve been together with Krystal for quite a while now, and it was always so nice with her. It was a casual relationship with lots of love and trust, you could always rely on each other, and appreaciated that. You just felt like she was the one. You’ve always felt like that. You could see far into the future and all you’d see is Soojung.

So, long story short: Today was the day you’d finally have the courage to propose to her. You both sat on the couch, cuddling under a blanket. It was a cold winter evening, the sunset shone through your curtains and you both were sipping on a nice cup of hot chocolate whilst watching your favorite movie. You trembled, but was it because of the cold or your nervousness? You actually couldn’t tell. Gulping, you looked at your girlfriend who was immersed in the movie at the moment and slowly moved your hand in the direction of your pocket, hoping she wouldn’t notice. And of course, she didn’t it was her favorite scene in the whole movie and no matter how many times she’s watched this scene before, she’d always love it.

“…Soojung?” ,you murmured quietly, “I gotta tell you someth–” but Krystal interrupted you before you could even finish the sentence. “Shh, it’s my favorite scene!”, while nibbing on the cup of her hot chocolate. This kind of cought you off-guard, regarding the fact that you prepared for this so long, but you worked up the courage again and just said it out loud: “Will you marry me, Jung Soo Jung?. Krystal almost choked on her hot chocolate, when you said these 7 words. “What?” she was completely baffled. “I… I mean of course! Yes I do!”, she said while being a little startled. You squeaked in excitement while falling into Krystals arms, who was still in shock. “I love you Soojung, and I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with my favorite sloth.” you said while burying your face in Soojungs neck. “I love you too, Jagiya.”

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Victoria: You were out for a walk in the park, where you shared your first kiss together. It was nearby and had small ponds and a playground for children, quite nice for such a small area. You could remember the day she kissed you like it was yesterday. And it was memorable, when you tried to kiss her but she did the first step and surprised you. Sitting down on a bench, you two watched all those happy famililies picnicking together. “It looks so nice to have a real family, don’t you think?” Victoria asked while resting her head on your lap. “Sure, it seems very nice”, you said, “I want to start a  family like that someday, too.” Victoria looked up to you, smiling. It was that beautiful smile she was giving you when you said something adorable. But for real though,  all those happy families got you thinking: you were daydreaming the married life with your love, Song Qian. “(Y/N)? Hello? I’m talking to you!” Vic said while laughing. You snapped back and smiled mildy by the thought of your girlfriend. 

“Save your naughty thougts for later ,Jagiya.”, Victoria said and got up. She fixed her summer dress. “I asked if you’d like to go to the ponds?”. “Sure”, you replied. You also got up and reached for Victorias hand. While holding hands, you started to go to the other end of the park, where the ponds are located. “Remember, Jagiya?” you asked. “How couldn’t I!” Victoria responded chuckling. “You know I’ve been thinking, Victoria. I really love and I would love to spend my life with you. Would you marry me?” by now you got on your knees and held a ring in your hand. “Oh my god, (Y/N) I’d love to!” she screamed in excitement. Victoria, pulled you up and you put the ring on her finger. She caressed your cheek and pulled you closer for a kiss. “These ponds really are something from another world”, you said while laughing. “I think so too.”, Victoria replied.

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Luna: “You’ve been acting weird lately, (Y/N).,” Luna said in a serious voice. “What’s on your mind?” she asked while petting her dog Arty. The dog panted heavily and looked up to you with a blank expression. Usually this doesn’t bother you, but this time, Artys big, beady eyes saw right into your soul. You felt guilty. You’ve been lying to Luna for a long time now, and just wanted to tell her everything, but feared it would ruin the moment. You wanted to propose to her, but couldn’t seem to find the right moment. This led to you being more stressed and nervous than you should be, and in Sunyoungs case, suspiciously nervous. “(Y/N) you can always tell me when something bothers you, you know that right? Luna said. “Of course I know Sunyoung.” you replied while gulping. “Then why aren’t you telling me?” she said. She was clearly frustrated and thought you wouldn’t trust her, but you simply couldn’t tell her. You wanted to have the perfect “drama-proposal”, because Sunyoung completely deserved it. You know she’s a big fan of dramas and always tells things like “I wish this would happen to me”, but of course she knew love like that only exists in television and books, but you wanted to convince her to the opposite. 

Luna sighed and buried her face in her hands. “Aish, This is frustrating” she muttered into her hands. She sobbed and looked up again with tears in her eyes. “Are you breaking up with me, (Y/N)?” she said while tears ran down her cheeks. “That’s it right? Just say something please.” you opened you eyes wide and gasped, being kind off speechless. You tried to say something, but a goddamn lump in your throat prevented you saying anything. “Oh god…” Luna said while sobbing uncontrollably. You finally were able to control yourself again and quickly reacted, resting your arm on Sunyoungs shoulder “No, that isn’t it! It’s the complete opposite!” you shouted, trying to save the situation. “Then what is it?” Luna asked while wiping the tears out of her face. “Luna. I love you, and I won’t stop loving you, look!”, you took out the ring you orignally planned something bit for. Luna gasped at the sight. “I just wanted to keep this a secret, I wanted to propose to you in a more romantic way, but couldn’t seem to find the right moment.” you explained while reaching for her ring finger. “Pabo, you should have told me earlier! I literally thought I wasn’t enough for you!”, Sunyoung shouted while having tears in her eyes again. “Never, Luna. I’d never get tired of you.”

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Amber: “Will you marry me, Amber Josephine Liu? Shit.. this is too formal…” you said while looking in the mirror. You’ve been practicing proposing for about an hour now, but you always seem to have something to complain about. Amber and you were a couple but, at the same time you felt like buddies. Ever since you got to know Amber, you were pretty close and eventually she asked you out. She always did the first step, so now it was your turn to do so. Should you hide the ring in food? Should you do it at a restaurant? Or just in the casual “kneel down”-style? You had no idea how to do it to be honest, so you just practiced with your own reflection. “Oh my god, I don’t even know.” you said, speaking to yourself. You breathed in and just… tried all over again “AMBER LIU, WOULD YOU BE MY WIFE?!” you shouted desperately.

“And what are you doing here, (Y/N)?” a familiar voice said while laughing. It was Amber. “Well, fuck. How are you going to explain this?” you thought to yourself, but Amber just inched closer to you and hugged you. “But, yeah. Of course I do!” she whispered in your ear, kissing you afterwards. The awkward situation soon turned into on of the most beautiful moments in your life.

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Best Friend (Final Rose AU?)

Victoria was, by all accounts, a precocious and generally evil child. She combined her mommy’s intellect and cunning with her mother’s ability to read and manipulate others. As a result, she was responsible for no less than a dozen attempted coups, takeovers, and other uprisings before she’d even hit first grade.

And then she met her best friend.

X     X     X

Sundae was basically evil in child form. She had inherited her mommy’s fiery and combative nature with her mother’s skill in manipulation and deception. By the time she reached first grade, she had gotten into countless scraps and inspired countless other battles between her peers.

Part of it was undoubtedly due to her fairly unique circumstances. Like her mother, she was mute. Instead of speech, she had to rely on sign language or her scroll. And children liked to pick on people who were different. And she wasn’t about to let anyone pick on her.

Really, the other kids didn’t get it. She wasn’t stuck with them. They were stuck with her.

X     X     X

Victoria tilted her head to one side as she studied the student who had arrived halfway through the lesson on mathematics. To be honest, she’d stopped paying much attention about ten seconds into the lesson after realising that they were doing basic arithmetic. She already knew basic arithmetic. Instead, she was doing her best to discretely work on one of her smaller drones, which she’d hidden in her pencil case.

However, the new student was even more interesting than her drone. She had mismatched hair and mismatched eyes. Her hair had streaks of pink and brown amidst all the blonde and while one of her eyes was lilac the other was pink. Victoria’s lips curled. Oh, she knew who this was, even if this was the first time she’d met her.

This was Sundae, the daughter of Yang Xiao Long and Neopolitan. The former was like a sister to her mommy and the latter was like a sister to her mother. Her grin widened as the other girl looked her way. There was only the smallest widening of her eyes to indicate recognition, but it was enough. As Sundae sat down at the table beside her, Victoria signed a message to her in Atlas Military Sign Language.

A reply came a moment later, and Victoria grinned. Oh, if Sundae was anything like her parents, this was going to be a very, very fun year.

X     X     X

Diana sighed. She’d just gotten a call from Victoria’s school. Apparently, they were currently in the midst of a robot uprising. They didn’t want to point any fingers, but Victoria was probably the only person there who was capable of causing the aforementioned robot uprising. To make matters worse, she’d apparently been helped by another girl with very familiar features.
“Jahne,” Diana shouted as she got up and headed for the front door. “I need to go to Victoria’s school. Apparently, they put her in the same class as Sundae.”

“Is the school on fire?” Jahne replied. “Because that was what Yang was worried about when she called me last night.”

“No, but there is a robot uprising taking place.”

“I see. Well, that’s more your speciality than mine. I’ll leave you too it.”

X     X     X

Author’s Notes

Can you imagine the potential evil involved when the Diana x Jahne child (Victoria) meets the Yang x Neo child (Sundae)? Mwahahaha… Eira will definitely have her hands full in this timeline trying to keep the horror to a minimum.