(Opinion) Fei Solo Debut / Controversy Disscussion

As many of you know by now, miss A’s Fei recently made her solo debut with the song “Fantasy”, and the controversy around Fei’s political choice. I have waited a few days to see if things would cool down, but it seems things are only getting worse. After asking you guys if you wanted an opinion piece, I have decided to write about how I feel about Fei’s solo debut & controversy.


                               The Music Video & Song

The Music Video

I have also seen people dislike the video due to it being “Too sexy” and “boring”. Personally I adore the music video, it’s simplicity and sensual vibe suits Fei. Nothing over the top, just simple and sophisticated. Also the choreography with the hula hoop is really unique and shows dedication. Its so annoying how when Fei shows skin its all “OMG put some clothes on”, “Who does she think she is”, “She is so slutty” etc. But when male K-Pop idols take off their shirts, hump the ground, or even have a bed scene in a music video, its all “OMG Oppa your the best”, “Why doesnt he take off all his clothes”, “Oppa is so sexy”. So why can’t Fei show skin without being called a slut, but your “oppas” can take off their shirts?

Music Video: 4/5

The song

Now the song itself is laid back and I love the effortless vocals. Although many complained saying there wasn’t a build up, or the vocals are not in your face, its true. It’s a very chill song, showing a unique charm to Fei’s voice, rather than belting notes. The tempo is slow, but it’s meant to be that way. It’s one of those songs where it may take a few listens for you to like it. Its sensual and really captivates a mature vibe.

Song: 4/5

                                     The Controversy 

*DISCLAIMER* I just wanted to say I’m in no way taking sides on the Chinese controversy, or bashing any idols. I’m simply stating what I have researched and how it has been received by people.

The controversy surrounding Fei right now is because China tried to claim that some of the islands in the South China Sea, formerly considered land belonging to The Philippines, belonged to them. Its a very sensitive topic for many people right now, especially Filipinos & Vietnamese citizens. Now a lot of people are against China, and it’s now caused an out cry. Saying that, obviously many Chinese people feel it belongs to them, and they will support their country. With this issue, many Chinese K-Pop idols have stepped forward showing their support for China (including f(x)’s Victoria, EXO’s Lay, Fiestar’s Cao Lu, Meng Jia and of course miss A’s Fei). 

Here is where I really want to highlight the difference between how Fei, Cao Lu & Meng Jia supported China.

Fei, Meng Jia & Cao Lu: They posted the picture of China (including the island they are claiming) on Weibo. Now if your unfamiliar with Weibo, it’s a CHINESE WEBSITE, in a sense the duplicate of Twitter. All 3 girls posted their support for CHINA, on their CHINESE ACCOUNTS, on a CHINESE WEBSITE.

Victoria & Lay: Now although Lay did change his profile picture on Weibo to the picture above, he also changed his INSTAGRAM profile picture to the same as well. Victoria posted the picture on INSTAGRAM. The reason I have INSTAGRAM in capitals is to emphasis that it’s a worldwide app, where anyone from around the world can see it. 

Instagram: Anyone can download it, easy to create an account, etc.

Weibo: Everything is in Chinese, so you have to be able to write/understand Chinese to even To create an account, let alone understand what your idol is posting.

The reason most people saw that Fei, Meng Jia and Cao Lu were supporting China, was due to ALLKPOP posting about it and taking the screenshots from their Weibo accounts.

Another reason I’m highlight Lay and Victoria posting on Instagram, is because they were promoting how they felt worldwide and anyone could see it. Fei herself posted on Weibo, showing her fellow CHINESE FAN’s her support for her country. It seems Fei wanted to support her country, but not exactly promote it around on other social medias. But then things got out of hand, very quickly.

                                            The Hate

As I stated above, over 5 Chinese K-Pop idols supported China, and in different ways (but we we are going focus mainly on Fei). Now Fei was the only one making a solo debut, and this meant she would be a target, like ZhouMi. I understood that people would disagree with Fei’s political decision (which is perfectly fine) but I never realized how horrible it would get. 

Once the MV for “Fantasy” came out, the dislikes poured in, and for the majority not because they actually disliked the video. The video was filled with disgusting comments, about how Fei’s solo would flop, calling her racial slurs and worst of all, telling her to kill herself! Its bullying, and its absolutely horrible. The dislikes have continued and the comments are getting worse (I can’t even count how many comments I have had to report due to offensive language). 

The entire debut was overshadowed, due to her political view. It was so disheartening to see Fei’s hard work overlooked. If you dislike the song, that is fine, if you disagree with her political view, that is fine, but being racist and offensive isn’t. Every single performance by Fei is met with dislikes and rude comments. I know people are disliking it as well due to the actually song, but to have over 30,000 dislikes due to a political view. Since when are people so interested in politics? 

                                       Final Discussion

Although Fei has been receiving an overwhelming amount of hate, Fei has kept her head high and focused on improving her performances. Fei seems to be that type of her person that if she sees criticism, she will work her to her best to improve. At the end of the day, if you agree with Fei or not, don’t bash her entire solo on it.

These are the main points I want people to take away from my opinion piece.

  • Fei is CHINESE, and has lived in China for over 20 years. Of course Fei is going to support her country. But I honestly don’t think she meant for it to get out of hand like this. 
  • Fei showed her support on a CHINESE WEBSITE. Fei was showing her Chinese fans how she felt, and was not forcing people to agree with her.
  • If you disagree with her political view, don’t dislike a song due to it. The song has nothing to do with her political choice.
  • If you have constructive criticism about the song/music video, then leave it in the comments. Fei is constantly watching her music video and reading comments (which can be a worry) but she takes this criticism and works hard during her performances. 
  • Watch the music video again. Clear your mind and actually judge the song for what it is. If you dislike it after that, then that is your choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion piece on Fei’s solo debut & controversy. I wouldn’t mind hearing what you guys think. Do you agree or do you disagree? Why?


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