King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill will attend the 2016 Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony and Banquet on December 10th, 2016 and the Nobel Laureates Dinner hosted by the King on December 11th, 2016.

Swedish Royal Court 

CORRECTION: Prince Daniel is not scheduled to attend the Nobel Prize Banquet, no reason from the Royal Court as to why.

The Monster (Final Rose)

Eira stopped the instant she heard the low growl come from Victoria’s throat. There was nothing human about that sound. It was the sound of a monster. The younger girl had transformed to fight off a massive incursion of Grimm, but she hadn’t returned to the rendezvous point. 

Eira was not about to stand around doing nothing while her cousin was nowhere to be found, so she had gone off to look for her. That had been a mistake. The odds of the Grimm defeating her cousin were essentially nil. The danger they had posed had come from their overwhelming numbers, rather than their individual strength.

Ragnarok fed off the rage and fury of battle. She knew - she’d been told many times - that the more someone using Ragnarok fought, the harder it was to control the rage that came with the mighty Semblance. 

Victoria had fought for a long time.

And now she was staring at Eira like she was prey, her eyes glittering likes pools of magma as she gave another low growl and tossed aside the mangled carcass of one of the Grimm. She’d been prying it open, Eira thought, almost as if she was curious to know what it looked like on the inside.

The princess swallowed thickly. There was less than ten yards between her and Victoria. That wasn’t nearly enough space for her Semblance to work with. If they had been further apart, she could try to wear Victoria down, but at this range? Not a chance. Ten yards was nothing. Victoria would close that gap in a heartbeat.

Victoria took one slow step forward and then another, the ground at her feet cracking beneath the weight of her Aura. Eira fought back a wave of nausea. At this range, the sheer amount of Aura rolling off Victoria was suffocating. It was like being trapped underwater. Eira’s limbs felt heavy, her mind slowed to a crawl, and trying to put two thoughts together seemed totally impossible.

The younger girl’s eyes narrowed. She sprang.

And then there was a gigantic crash as something shot past Eira like a comet and slammed Victoria into the ground face first with enough force to shatter the ground and carve out a small crater. Eira gasped, suddenly able to breathe again, as whatever it was hurled Victoria back. The transformed girl tumbled end over end before crashing into a large rock.

It was her Aunt Diana.

The older woman had transformed as well, but there was no air of malevolence or rage about her. No, her control was perfect. She glanced back at Eira and jerked her head toward the rendezvous point. The implication was clear: she would handle this.

Just then a bestial roar ripped through the air. Victoria was on her feet again, and she was charging toward them. Eira stumbled back as her Aunt Diana calmly met Victoria’s charge, driving her daughter back with terrifying ease.

X     X     X

“I’m sorry.” 

Eira blinked. They were on the transport back to Beacon, and those were the first words that Victoria had spoken to her since she’d been dragged back to the rendezvous point looking like she’d be run over by a tank. Not far away, her Aunt Diana gave them a quick look before heading off to speak to the pilot.

“I lost control out there,” Victoria murmured. “That was unacceptable. I’ve been told that I also attempted to attack you.” She paused. “That was worse than unacceptable.”

Eira sighed. What a troublesome cousin she had. 

“I understand if you’re not comfortable around me anymore -”


Eira lowered the hand she’d used to bonk Victoria over the head. “Just do better next time. Besides, it’s not like you actually hurt me.”

“I would have.”

“But you didn’t,” Eira replied. “So stop sulking. It doesn’t suit you. You should be plotting or scheming or something.” She paused. “But you’re not going to stop being my cousin just because you transformed into a world-ending monster and lunged at me. And if it’s forgiveness you want, then you’ve got it. I forgive you.”


“Just make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Eira said. “You almost gave me a heart attack.” She paused. “And maybe don’t tell Sigrid. My sister might actually try to murder you if she finds out.”

Victoria’s lips twitched. “She probably would.”

“Yes, and she’s got Saviour, which means she might actually succeed. I’ve got enough problems without my sister murdering my cousin, so let’s keep this between the two of us.”

“Right.” Victoria paused. “I… my memory is a little hazy. How well did I do against my mother before she stopped me?”

“She squashed you like a bug.”

“Ah. I see.” Victoria sighed. “It seems I have a lot of work to do.”


f(x) reacting to you being a dancing machine!

Krystal: She tries to impress you with some cool dance moves she’s learned as a trainee, but then you start popping like pro and leave Krystal with an admiring stare.

“I didn’t knew you can dance that good ,Jagi. Well that’s embarassing…”

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Victoria: You and Vic are working out at home and Vic starts to dance furiously to some EDM music. You join and it soon starts to be a serious dance-battle. She even has to show of her flexibility, and still barely wins. 

“Well Jagi, you are really good,  but I’m better.” *savage again*

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Luna: (you two are having dance practice) In a break between your choreography, you start to do some freestyle and leave Luna stunned.

*can’t even speak*

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Amber just needs to pull a dirty joke seeing you dancing really good.

“Jagi now I know why you’re so good in be-…” *jaw drops*

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Long Live the Princess || M + V

Mary was taking her daily stroll through the gardens, happy the weather was still warm enough for the walks. Soon the ground would be covered in frost and then snow. Mary really did not enjoy the winter months. She did not like feeling more of a prisoner than she already felt.

She looked over her shoulder seeing Victoria coming closer to her. She sighed and looked ahead closing her eyes, she was not in the mood for the company of Francis’s little sister.


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