So I read it was National Dog Day at Twitter. That meant not only should I find something with Toby the Basset Hound for my Great Mouse Detective site update, I should check for any adorable pics that might involve two favorite human beings of mine. :)

The first with Peter was at an article at the Daily Record about a blind Golden Retriever named Heston. He originally was a guide dog, but due to developing diabetes, it started to cause cataracts in both eyes, eventually blinding him completely. The right eye became so bad from a painful glaucoma, it had to be removed. The article brought tears to my own eyes, especially when we used to own a blind dog. We had a tan-colored Basenji named Dino when I was about seven years old. He had milky blue eyes from the cataracts. We didn’t have him for very long, unfortunately.

The second photo is a beautiful one of Jenna on the set of Victoria with her King Charles Spaniel named Dash. It was randomly found on Instagram.

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