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Visitors (Final Rose)

Eira woke up when someone climbed into bed beside her. It was Victoria.

“Is there a reason that you’re climbing into my bed?” Eira asked.

Her cousin had the audacity to snuggle up to her before closing her eyes and replying. “You can rest assured that this isn’t some elaborate continuation of the sister fixation that our parents may or may not have shared.” The brunette yawned and reached over to adjust Eira’s arm into a more comfortable position. “But certain members of my team may have accidentally exploded our dorm room.”

“I see.” Eira create several icy mirrors in the air and glanced into them to find that the rest of Victoria’s team had arrived and were busy making themselves at home. “And you came to my dorm room because…?”

“We’re cousins, practically sisters, so you have to take me in.” Victoria yawned again. “And you’re actually not a bad pillow, not to mention our teams are practically family.” She grumbled. “Besides, it was either your team or Jason’s team, and you can guess how that might have gone…”

“Ah.” Eira grimaced. Jason was currently dating one of Victoria’s teammates. By all accounts, the relationship was going rather well. Indeed, Eira had caught them making out several times in between classes, after training sessions, and even on joint missions. Having the two of them in the same room - possibly even the same bed - was probably not the best idea if sleep was the objective. “Fine, I guess you can stay.” She glanced over at Luna. “What do you think?”

“I don’t mind.” Luna was bunking with Xanthe. “And it’s not like Xanthe takes up a lot of space. How long until they fix your dorm room?”

“I’ve already spoken to my Grandaunt Vanille. It’ll take her robots a day or two to repair all of the damage since it’s not exactly an ultra-high priority. I’d get some of my robots to do it, but most of them were blown up as well.” Victoria sat up and scowled at a certain hammer-wielding girl and Xanthe. “I’ll have to improve their designs to avoid that happening again.”

“Stop scowling.” Eira grabbed Victoria and tugged her back down. “It’s the middle of the night, and I’m supposed to be sleeping.” She paused. “Although you should probably not tell Sigrid about this.”

Victoria chuckled and curled back up to Eira. “Your sister is a tad overprotective of you despite the fact that you’re not exactly helpless. She sees herself as your knight in shining armour.” Victoria yawned and closed her eyes. “Don’t worry. I won’t say a word to her. If she’s your knight, that makes me the dragon, and we all know how that story ends.”

When Sigrid turned up the next morning, eager to invite her sister to a training sessions, she was less than pleased to find Victoria draped all over her.

Candy Bars and Lunchboxes (Final Rose)


Victoria looked up at her mommy. “Is that a new jacket?”

“Yep.” Diana grinned. “Since you’re starting first grade, I thought that I’d get you a new jacket.” She helped Victoria put it on. “It’s got lots of pockets too. You should look inside them.”

Victoria looked into the first of the jacket’s many  pockets. “There’s a candy bar!”

Diana ruffled her daughter’s hair. “I remember when I was a little. You’ve got the same Semblance as me, so you’re going to be hungry a lot. The candy bars will help tide you over, but don’t eat them unless you’re really hungry, okay?”

“But what if someone tries to take my candy bars?” Victoria asked.

Diana bared her teeth. “Then you stop them.”

X     X     X

It took precisely one day for the other kids to learn that messing with Victoria was not a good idea. During lunch one of the sixth graders tried to take Victoria’s jacket and her candy bars. 

The bully learned something very important: Victoria did not care if she got thrown around or pushed over. She didn’t care if she had to fight dirty. She was going to win, one way or another. She didn’t transform. She didn’t use her Semblance. 

Victoria swung her metal lunchbox, the sturdy, bright orange one with Gary on it, as hard as she could and hit the bully right in the shin with the corner. It dented her lunchbox, but the older girl screamed and grabbed her shin, which put her head just low enough for Victoria to swing her lunchbox again.

The bully went home with stitches, and Victoria went to the principal’s office for the first time. Of course, there were plenty of witnesses to say that the bully had started it, that the bully had pushed her over and thrown her around. It was all self-defence, and what would it say about the school if they punished a first grader for fighting off a sixth-grade bully?

Jahne wasn’t sure whether to scold Victoria or praise her. Diana settled for giving Victoria the obligatory speech about how she had not bought Victoria her lunch box, so she could whack people over the head with it. Fujin was secretly grateful that Victoria had only hit the other girl over the head once. 

And the lunchbox?

Victoria didn’t ask for a new lunchbox. She brought the same, dented lunchbox to school the next day and the day after that. Whenever one of the school bullies looked like they wanted to mess with her, she simply smiled and patted the dents in her lunchbox.

When the bully finally worked up the courage to come after her again, she added some more dents to her lunchbox - and put the plastic spoon that came with her yogurt to good use.

X     X     X

Author’s Notes

As semi-psychotic as it seems, Victoria’s response to bullying actually closely mirrors a cross between Diana’s and Averia’s, both of whom had issues in school. Averia, in particular, got into more than her fair share of scraps because she refused to tolerate bullies, especially anyone who even thought of targeting Diana.

Victoria doesn’t have an older sibling at the school, and she’s well aware of the fact that her younger siblings are going to be attending the school after her. So what does she do? When a bully comes after her, she crushes them, she beats them badly enough that they’ll think twice about doing it again. And when they do finally come after her again, she makes sure that she’s ready.

Needless to say, by the time her siblings join the school, Victoria is pretty much running the place. And at Beacon? Combine Jahne’s talent for politics, subterfuge, and deception with Diana’s intelligence, cunning, and knack for espionage. There’s a reason that Eira keeps a close eye on her cousin, and there’s a reason that Pyrrha, despite her… dislike of some of Victoria’s inclinations, is very happy that Xanthe is on Victoria’s team and that Victoria is friends with Jason.

There are a lot of very bad people out there who would be very glad to go after the kids of people like Ruby and the gang. Like Jahne before her, Victoria keeps an eye out for threats of a less honourable nature, and she tries to deal with them before they get out of hand.