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Sneak (Final Rose)

Fang bit back a smile and then took a step to the left. Victoria sailed past her and would have hit the ground face first if Fang hadn’t reached out to catch her. The little girl gave a cry of outrage but fell still as Fang gave her a gentle bonk over the head.

“You’re going to have to practice a lot more if you want to sneak up on me.” Fang put Victoria back on the ground and chuckled. The expression on Victoria’s face was exactly the same as the one Diana had always had whenever she’d tried - and failed - to catch Fang or Lightning off guard. “I’m sure your mommy’s been giving you lessons, but how about the two of us do some training?”

Victoria nodded eagerly. “Yeah!”

“Good.” Fang ruffled Victoria’s hair, earning herself another cry of outrage. “So, here’s what you do if you want to sneak up on someone…”

X     X     X

Victoria approached her prey as swiftly and silently as an elite Yun warrior. She was a shadow, a ghost, an unstoppable machine of mischievous mayhem who was about to win a resounding victory against her long-time foe and arch nemesis.

She readied herself… and sprang!

Only to be engulfed in a drift of snow.

“Gah!” Victoria wailed.

“Oh, please.” Eira snickered and turned around, leaning over to poke Victoria on the nose. “Did you really think you were the only one Grandma Fang gave lessons to on sneaking?”